How Harvard Is Trying to Update the Extension School for the MOOC Age

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    I can state that their CS50 is one of the most popular courses they offer and I really enjoyed earning this certificate from Harvard.
    Every lecture is intentionally high-energy and theatrical so students are excited to learn.
    Many lectures are available on YouTube for free so check them out.
    CS50 covers a lot of basic topics of Computer Science: C language, Python, and other scripting languages,
    Web programming, Algorithms, IT security, Networking, History of computation, Math, Cryptoanalysis…
    You're not studying alone. Not only you have staff members to help you, you're also with 100s+ of your peers who are working on the same exact hard problem you are.
    Be it a Facebook group or other meetup forum, you can post your problems and get advise or share issues with students who have a similar or same challenge.
    I also like their divinity school courses and took one such course to enrich my knowledge.
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