How far will TEFl and Experience take me.

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  1. RL82

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    Good Day
    So a little background: I am interested in obtaining a degree in Education asap. I don't have much funds but can work with what I have. I have 5 years teaching Secondary School Experience in various subjects and 1 year Tertiary teaching experience in Marketing.

    I recently finished a 165hr TEFL qualification approved by Qualifi, DEAC and AOC.

    Can anyone please guide me to what would be the best course to take to use my experience and qualifications to maximum effect.

    Thank you.
    (Side note: Hardwork and time is not a problem: I have always finished everything I do in 25% of the allocated time)
  2. SteveFoerster

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    Impressive, so long as you don't put that on your dating site profile.

    Would your TEFL qualification get you any sort of advanced standing at Open University, maybe?
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  3. RL82

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    LOL. I have asked them but haven't heard back yet. So just want to find different options.
  4. LearningAddict

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    Speaking of dating profiles, perhaps you've been ghosted.

    Now, you'll have to devise a stalking plan. Or, find another place, whatever works for you.

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