How does College Composition (CLEP) compare to English Composition (Saylor)?

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  1. Penpusher

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    I tried to pass English Composition I at Saylor the other day, without learning for it. I thought that this should be rather easy, since, even though English is my second language, I'm pretty confident about it (especially in written form) as, e.g., I have written scientific publications in English. Shockingly, I failed! (I got 66%, i.e. I missed by 2 correct answers.) Yesterday I tried English Composition II - and I failed again with 66%. Now I'm slightly worried, since I will have to take a CLEP test at some point... Does anybody have any idea if CLEP is easier or harder than these English courses? And which one of the two possible CLEP exams, i.e. modular or not, is easier?

    I really don't want to have to prepare for English, since I wouldn't know where to begin or end... I'm fine with learning some citation formats if those courses/exams insist on it, but that's about it.


  2. Randell1234

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    I used the Comex Study Guide and passed. If you take the option with essay (which I recommend) practice writing five paragraph essays - The Five-Paragraph Essay
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    Thanks Randall, but I realised know that the question is irrelevant in my case. I read so much about online studying and online courses that I completely overlooked the fact that neither CLEP nor DANTES offer online exams, which makes them unavailable to me since I live in New Zealand. So frustrating! (And even more frustrating and slightly embarrassing that I didn't realise this from the onset on.)

    Which seems to mean that I don't have many options for reasonably priced (~$100 per 3 credit points) online studying with online exams:

    ALEKS (all done)
    TEEX (doing right now)
    Saylor/SUNY (for 4 credit points)

    Or would there be something else? Would be great if it were, because right now it would mean doing English with Straighterline, which means writing essays - and I'm not too keen on that.
  4. Ian Anderson

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    I took the CLEP English Composition exam and passed using it to meet Excelsior degree requirements (Excelsior no longer allows this). I thought the CLEP exam was easy but then English is my only language and I do a lot of reading and writing

    If you had difficulty with a one-shot exam then I suggest you consider taking an on-line English course since you should receive feedback as you progress though the course and the course may consist of a series of assignments rather than just a single exam

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