How big is the rock for engagement?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by TEKMAN, May 16, 2011.

  1. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Why a new one? I mean, sure, if you can, but you make it sound like it's a brideprice or something.

  2. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    +1 If she's arty she may prefer something less bling and more unique. She may also own a flying car or a herd of unicorns.

  3. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

  4. perrymk

    perrymk Member

    I've never been married so take my thoughts with grain of salt if you wish, but...

    You're considering marriage and haven't had a real discussion regarding finances. A real discussion would include, but not be limited to, how much income there is and can reasonably be anticipated. And the comment regarding the new car didn't come across as entirely positive. Of course I could have misread that. It seems most of what I read about marriage troubles start with finances.

    I suspect that seeing a marriage counselor prior to getting married is one of the best moves a couple could make.

    Best of luck to you.
  5. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    Three months of salary seems excessive! I spent about $1,500 on my wife's ring, and then we got each other the wedding bands. I think that was another $3-400.

    My wife always said she didn't want anything showy. I have a colleague that has a MASSIVE ring, and I have no idea how she functions with something that big on her finger...

  6. AUTiger00

    AUTiger00 New Member

    Or just get a Conflict Free Diamond. If I ever presented my fiance with that $799 Aquamatine Gemstone "Engagement Ring" linked to in the above post she would beat me....and I'd sit there and take it because I'd deserve it.

    Listen, I don't propose anyone go into debt for a ring, but some people here are just coming off as cheap.
  7. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    I don't propose using a rubber band, but some people here are just coming off as materialistic :grouphug:
  8. AUTiger00

    AUTiger00 New Member

    I like nice things and so does my fiancé. Call it materialistic if you'd like. I paid cash for her ring. I'm not so materialistic as to blind me from sound financial decisions so it's not really a problem.
  9. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    Geez, the nice jewelry is for me.

  10. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Guilty - I am greedy and materialistic. Please, never-ever forget this classic speech -
    YouTube - Gordon Gekko "Greed is Good" Speech

    I had the word in a poster on my wall in the Army and someone took it down!
  11. Woho

    Woho New Member

    There was an extremely informative article in the Atlantic a looong time ago (even older than myself...) on how DeBeers created the diamond industry, and how it is virtually impossible to resell a Diamond.
    Have You Ever Tried To Sell A Diamond? - 82.02
    Found it a very enlightening read since it is coming from an informative perspective and not as agenda driven as the blood diamond movie(s).
  12. Lukeness

    Lukeness Member

    There are so many factors to consider when you are thinking of buying an engagement ring.
    You can bring the price down hugely if you opt for slightly lower colour (say a J or K) and clarity (right down to SI2).
    The diamond will still appear white when set and the clarity is still 'eye-clean' so there is no reason to go higher unless you are buying diamonds for investment purposes.
    Also consider other coloured stones such as Sapphire (more fashionable again after the royal wedding). Avoid Tanzanite as it is really too soft for heavy daily wear for anyone that is active. There are many more options available that will reduce the cost significantly. If your better half wants a diamond specifically, she might be partial to coloured diamonds. A slightly tinted stone will also be cheaper, while being different enough to be unique.
    Sometimes massive rocks just appear a little unrealistic and people assume you're wearing a CZ.
  13. funtime

    funtime New Member

    LOL. I totally agree, tho. My brother got married last year and he only spent 1 month salary on a ring. It was slightly less than what he makes in a month (He makes a lot though). But even people who make bank don't want to get ripped off and overspend. I actually helped him pick out a ring online . I'm the family metrosexual and I dress better than most girls, so the men in my family who are mostly manly men are always coming to me for fashion advice.

    We went to the mall first to scope stuff out. And then we looked online and there was no question that you get a MUCH BETTER deal online. He paid about 25-35% less online at James Allen than he would have at a store, for a much nicer design and a better quality diamond.

    I don't know how anyone can pay 3 months salary in this economy. Even my brother with his high paying recession-proof medical job wouldn't pay 3 months salary.
  14. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Three months salary? I thought it was two months.
  15. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member


    Why not buy a very nice cubic zirconia ring set in 14K gold or platinum?? CZ is a man made mineral that is very close to diamond in quality.

    Of course you will tell her that this is all the you can afford now, but it will be replaced as circumstances allow it. This way, you are not going broke, the ring looks decent, and no one thinks that you are cheap.

    See this site for some examples (if you order from it, make sure that you select the right size): Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings
  16. BlueMason

    BlueMason Audaces fortuna juvat

    My total wedding cost, including rings, etc. was about $1500 as well. We had an immediate family only wedding (after all, we were getting married for us, not for other people), a short but sweet honeymoon and also had no debt. I find that unless you make a ton of money, why waste 3 months, 2 months or even 1 month's salary on a ring that can get lost? Indeed, buy used or buy cheaper... if she insists on you spending a ton of $ to "show your love", it ain't gonna last.
  17. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    $ months salary is enough! And I also added a good and romantic ambiance. with fireworks.

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