Hospital Sign Up Bonus!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AsianStew, Aug 24, 2021.

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    I've thought about doing nursing.
    However, I've thought about doing pretty much everything at this point :p

    Nursing is hard work, but it's consistently one of the best fields to get into for job security, benefits and a well above average middle class wage. An extra $40k for going into the danger zone is an extremely exciting offer. I could see some young recent grads out there, having not a penny to their name after years of nursing school, jumping right in and getting that signing bonus. Instantly, they could wipe away their loans*, pay for a move, and have a nice chunk of change left over to get their life savings rolling.

    *If any. My local CC has a 2-year RN program (ASN) for $6k. Even less if you use credit by exam for the handful of non-nursing courses like sociology and statistics. Between scholarships, grants, tax credits and those with the means to pay out of pocket, there are probably quite a few students who don't have any loans.
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    I'm still bitter about being physically disqualified from the military, but that wound gets a nice dash of salt in it when I see the re-enlistment bonuses for the intelligence MOS's (which is where I would have liked to end up.) For 35P (Cryptologic Linguist) the bonus is $40k paid over a 4-year enlistment right now, and it's pretty consistent because once qualified, few people want to stay in.
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    There's a lot of fairly large sign-on bonuses for healthcare workers in my city/state too. I've heard $25K or so around here as a sign-on bonus. I wouldn't want to do it, but it would be a tempting offer for those already in the field. I used to have a roommate who signed on as a travel nurse that netted six figures for part-time work with living expenses/travel paid.
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