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  1. Emrah

    Emrah member

    Hi, any idea about this university? Their fees seem to be low and they are on the way to get ACBSP...

    Horizons University
  2. Psydoc

    Psydoc New Member

    .org instead of .edu raises a red flag to me.
  3. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Horizons is, in fact, listed as a candidate for accreditation with ACBSP.

    However, ACBSP only accredits business programs. So even if Horizons is successful, only their business degrees would be ACBSP accredited. Horizon appears to offer a variety of other degrees, in fields such as International Education, Foreign Languages, Intercultural Communication, Martial Arts, and Filmmaking, which would not be covered by ACBSP.
  4. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    Here's a quote from their "About Us" page:

    Horizons University is registered in:
    •French Ministry of Education (number 0451674A)
    •Paris Regional Professional Training Control Department (number 11752996775)

    As a school operating out of France, it may not be unusual for their website to use a .org domain extension, considering that the .edu extension is controlled and handed out to schools with confirmed U.S. accreditation by a U.S-based organization. The real concern, as usual, would be the utility of a degree from a lesser known french school in the U.S (assuming you intend to us it in the U.S). Depending on one's reason for pursuing a degree from Horizon, it may not be a bad choice; majority of the faculty/professors hold degrees from U.S schools. The school may even be operated by Americans in France (no french language on the site).
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Why don't they have *.edu.fr or *.ac.fr ?
  6. mintaru

    mintaru Member

    There is no *.edu.fr or *.ac.fr domain! The .fr top-level domain is divided into the following second-level domains (from wikipedia):

    tm.fr - for owners of trademarks
    asso.fr - for associations
    nom.fr - for surnames
    prd.fr - for research and development programs
    presse.fr - for press publications
    com.fr - open to all applicants without justification of the requested name
    gouv.fr - for the French administration

    A Fench university should use a *.fr domain.

  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Jeez, what's wrong with those people? Can't they speak English in France?

  8. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Well, the people at Horizons University can certainly speak English, as English appears to be the primary language for their website (as well as for the school itself). There are also French and Chinese versions (which can be selected using the balls in the upper left corner), but certain parts, like the "HorizoNews" articles, seem to be only available in English, even if you try to select a different language.

    Incidentally, several lines of evidence suggest that the English-speakers at Horizon are American; they are probably not British or other Europeans. For example:

    - the English language selection ball in the upper left features the Stars and Stripes, whereas Europeans typically use the Union Jack for this purpose.

    - the school is pursuing accreditation from ACBSP, a US agency

    - the school is establishing a chapter of Sigma Beta Delta, a US honor society

    - the website seems to favor American English spellings, such as "honor society" instead of "honour society"
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  9. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Delta Mu Delta is the national honor society for ACBSP accredited business programs …

    “Through an agreement made in January 1992 between Delta Mu Delta and ACBSP, future establishment of Delta Mu Delta chapters is exclusively with colleges and universities with business programs which are accredited by ACBSP at the baccalaureate/graduate level.”
    ACBSP : Awards and Honor Societies
  10. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Horizons isn't ACBSP-accredited at present, so presumably they are not eligible for Delta Mu Delta (DMD). But they apparently are eligible for Sigma Beta Delta (SBD). According to DMD, SBD is a closely affiliated society for non-ACBSP business schools:

    Given this affiliation, it seems likely that Horizons will be able to switch from SBD to DMD if they get ACBSP accreditation.

    In any case, both of these societies are US-oriented; Greek letter honor societies simply aren't a part of European university culture. It seems possible that Horizons U, while based in France, is primarily targeting overseas students, particularly Americans and Chinese.
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  11. major56

    major56 Active Member

    You’re correct; and my intention was just point out too, that ΔΜΔ is the honor society as regards ACBSP accredited programs.
  12. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    You're right...Grenoble de Management uses *.COM domain.
  13. Professorick

    Professorick New Member

    I know I am coming in late to the thread, but I wanted to say that I am the Director of Academic Affairs for Horizons University. Your comments are helpful as we continue to grow and develop. We are a young university and currently have ECBE accreditation. One of my tasks is to pull together everything for the ACBSP accreditation. It is coming along, but as we are newer, some of the accreditation requirement are historic in nature (i.e. years of specific data)-- we are on track for Spring of 2013-- although we were hoping for this year. Moreover, we are working on the DETC accreditation as well.

    I can tell you that besides being one of the least expensive universities around, we do have a very qualified faculty with the majority being academically qualified in their specific area. In my mind, more importantly, our faculty averages more than 20 years in high level business experience.

    Our .org will have to do for now as we work toward the additional accreditations. If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns!

    Professorick [email protected]

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