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    I have noted that this College is stated as "accredited" in the Degree Finder Database. In Hong Kong, those degree programs offered locally are recognized by the Hong Kong Government only if they are offered by the local universities or local institutions which are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA) ( http://www.hkcaa.edu.hk ).

    In this case, the College is not a local "university" nor being accredited by the HKCAA. I don't know which organization accrediting its degrees.

    In Hong Kong, there is no private university at the moment. All the local universities are funded by the HK Government, with the exception of Open University of Hong Kong which is self-funded now. In addition, a number of local private institutions are accredited by the HKCAA to offer degree programs, such as Hong Kong Shue Yan College and Chu Hai College. In addition, some others are accredited to offer Associate Degrees. All such information can be found at the HKCAA's web site.
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    Thanks for the information. I am looking at the degrees offered by the College itself. This is a very interesting situation that the College is located in Hong Kong while the accreditation is granted by the Taiwan (Republic of China)'s Ministry of Education (but not by HK Government nor HKCAA). Basically, they can apply for the accreditation by the HKCAA if the qualify of the program meets the standard.
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    I *guess* it is like the early model of Chu Hai College, which also has close links with Taiwan as well.

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