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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by diamanti, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Does anyone have any experience with Hodges University in Naples, FL? Specifically with their online Upower program which looks to be competency based with a subscription based tuition similar to WGU. It is regionally accredited and most of their degrees seem to be in IT.

    It seems as if they use grades, not simply P/F, which is a plus for me over WGU. Also, they seem to have a Master's degree program in Information Systems which accepts students who are interested in IT management, but who don't have a Bachelor's in that field which attracts me. WGU seems to have more stringent admission requirements for their IT grad programs. I have a BA and MA which are out of IT, but I do have some IT experience and significant skills, but little paper trail to prove them, so this might be a better fit for me.

    I have a call into their admissions office, but I was just looking to see if anyone had any experience with them and the program and any info on what to expect. Their Upower (competency-based) program looks to be relatively new...
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    I believe the UPower program is too new to realistically expect anyone on this board to experience it. Degree offerings look good, and the price is certainly right.
    It is a small school in Florida; I believe there was one poster with an undergrad degree from there back when it was called International College. The school was renamed in honor of a major donor, IIRC. It is regionally accredited with a physical campus.
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    Ever taught of Northern Arizona University's PL program in BS. in ICT ?

    Also competency based learning.

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