Hilbert completes acquisition of Valley College

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  1. AsianStew

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    Hilbert College (private Franciscan) acquires Valley College (for profit), boots offerings, and basically doubles their enrollment... amazingly, both of these institutions had about a 20% growth over the previous year, so they're doing 'some things' correctly. One question remains though, are they going to convert Valley into a non-profit any time soon?!

    Link: Hilbert completes acquisition of Valley College, boosts offerings (buffalonews.com)
  2. siersema

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    As Powerball nears one billion dollars again, I am curious what one pays for a small college. I did notice in both this story and the previous posting the college being acquired has national accreditation and the acquiring body is regional.
  3. Johann

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    Much less than a billion to purchase, I'd guess. But you might have to feed it money forever afterwards - until the Powerball jackpot was all gone. :)
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