Hilary Duff goes to Harvard ...

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    No one can get a Harvard Degree by only DL (yet)


    I’m very skeptical about this. Harvard requires residency for all of their programs, and just to be accepted into the extension school’s program you have to complete the famous Expository Writing class that all Harvard undergrad alums have to take. I don’t think it is offered online.


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    Re: No one can get a Harvard Degree by only DL (yet)

    A quick web search has resulted in many hits for this same story. I wonder if she is attending regular classes, but they are giving her special dispensation to take them online. It wouldn't be all that difficult to set up, particularly since they could charge the cost of the set up to her student account. Perhaps the argument was made that it would be too disruptive to have her in regular classes.

    It certainly wouldn't be the first time that someone well-known got special treatment. :)

    Tom Nixon
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    I'm betting that Angela's information is the most accurate. I'm also betting that Hillary is vying for a Hasty Pudding award.

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