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  1. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    Hi there!

    I had a question for you all and maybe you can help! I have a dear friend who did not complete highschool but accumulated some highschool credits in the past. What had happened was even though they did not receive their diploma they were admitted into a bridging program with a university which basically was a loop hole that allowed them to take college credits and then was admitted into the university. They did one year of university but life happened and they discontinued university. However, this was a few years ago and now they are older and ready to finish what they started. Technically they can continue university but first wanted to get their highschool diploma! I know it is an odd situation but my question was does anyone know if it is possible to use college credits and apply it toward highschool credits if that is possible? Or possibly take quick college credits such as on Straighterline perhaps to speed up the highschool process. If so anyone have a clue of a online highschool who would accept this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    I suggest that your friend should stop looking backwards at high school and simply move forward into the world of college. She can take a GED test is she really feels the need but once she has a college degree that whole high school thing won't matter.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    I agree with Kizmet. A high school diploma is completely irrelevant once you have a degree. People don't bother put them on resumes, and no one ever asks. Ever.
  4. msganti

    msganti Active Member

    If, for whatever reason, they are still thinking of a High school program (despite advice from Kizmet and SteveForester), PennFoster High school takes up to 16 transfer credits (out of 20 I believe) into their online high school program. They are both Nationally (DETC) and Regionally (AdvancedEd) accredited. I am at the verge of completing their high school program now. PM me if you need more details.
  5. cookderosa

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    Passing the GED is now worth 10 college credits. I would absolutely 100% study and pass the GED while simultaneously re-enrolling at the original university. Once your friend has her GED, and 1 current semester under her belt, she can transfer if she'd like.

    Also, was this in the United States? If so, what state?
  6. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    Thanks for the input you guys! I totally understand that highschool diplomas on a resume is irrelevant now a days but it was mostly because they wanted to do this for their own sense of accomplishment but I will deff pass on the advice :)
  7. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    I will deff look into this thank you!
  8. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    Cookderosa how did you find about 10 college credits being equivalent to a GED I'd love to futhur look into that! but your plan make sense. Side note the university was in Canada however they did live in Chicago, IL did gr 9/10 there and then came to a Canada.
  9. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    Can you please tell me your opinion on the highschool program? Easy hard? And did you transfer any credits in yourself ?
  10. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    KayV on InstantCert posted about it, which is the first I had heard at the time. "Ten hours of college credit for the updated GED? Who knew?

    In 2014, the GED was revamped and many things have happened since it first appeared.

    The passing score for all "new" subtests used to be 150, but they just changed it to 145 and made 145 the retroactive passing score. That means that if you took the new GED and made between 145-149, you passed! Most testing centers are trying to contact the people who met this new guideline, but you can contact your testing center to ask about steps to get your GED diploma if you meet the new score. And congratulations!

    In addition, scores between 165-174 on any component of the GED are considered College Ready, which waives you from taking developmental-level classes in that subject.

    Scores between 175-200 now offer college credit through ACE.

    -Mathematical Reasoning gives 3 hours of College Algebra
    -Reasoning Through Language Arts gives one hour of lower level Humanities
    -Science gives 3 hours of lower level Intro to Physical Science, without lab
    -Social Science gives "3 semester hours lower division credit in economic thinking, society and social arrangements or humanities."

    Here is a link to score info Score Change FAQs
    Here is a link to the ACE database confirming the credit http://www2.acenet.edu/credit/?fuseaction=browse.getOrganizationDetail&FICE=1008367
  11. Nadine

    Nadine New Member

    Awesome thanks for the info :) !
  12. msganti

    msganti Active Member

    It's nice and easy. I did not transfer any credits, but it's easy and they are pretty flexible. Check your PM.

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