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    Hey, everyone, I am a Vietnam university student and I am graduating from our university next Septemper. I have learned English Education for my Bachelor's Degree. I'm thinking about studying in UK for my Master Degree and the subject TESOL and TEFL seem to be a good choice for me. However, I am not sure about which university is best for learning it in UK. Do you guys know some information about the universities? Your advice will be very heplful for my decision.

    In addition, I feel that one year in UK is really short for one to get to know the culture and life of UK. I am thinking whether it's possibe for me find a job there. Do you think it is very difficult for a Chinese student like me? Furthermore, does the location or the city of the university is important for choose a university and get a job in UK? If yes, do you think where is the best choice?

    so much questions about me, but because I am a little confused now.
    Anyway, Thank you for reading my letters!
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    If you are not a UK or EU resident you need a work permit to work in the UK.
    I suggest you check with the British Embassy or Consulate Office in your country.

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