Heriot-Watt - Recognition in the US

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  1. Ken

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    Some have questioned the recognition of the Heriot-Watt within an American context. Somewhat to my surprise, within the last 9 months I have met three individuals who were very aware of the University... all with favorable opinions of the school. Incidently, none were pursuing the MBA or were graduates of HW.
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    During the seven years that my company did the marketing for Heriot-Watt's MBA, it grew to become the largest MBA in the US (based on number of enrolled students), more than 4,000. We participated in more than 1,000 corporate approval processes, about 98% successful (and none of the 2% rejecting Heriot-Watt per se, but just the notion of any distance program and/or any non-US program).

    John Bear (who sold that business to
    Pearson in March 1998)

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