Here's an inexpensive, accredited DL MA in Theology

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  1. Tony Schroeder

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    Holy Apostles College offers the MA in Theology with concentrations in Bioethics, Church History, Dogmatic Theology, Liturgy, Liturgical Music, Moral Theology, Religious Education, Philosophical Theology, and Sacred Scripture. The MA can be completed with 30 semester hours and a thesis or as a 39 semester hour non-thesis degree.

    Holy Apostles says that this degree "is a course of study designed to give a broad acquaintance with the major philosophical or theological disciplines. It is a flexible program, with a ten year time limit from entry into the program to completion of the degree requirements. The program is designed to prepare men and women for ministry, teaching philosophy, religion or theology, for a subsequent Post Master's Certificate in Theology, or for licentiate or doctoral work". The tuition per course is $720 plus books, and Holy Apostles will accept up to six semester hours of transfer credit. The college is accredited by the new England Association and is approved by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    If you're looking for an MA in this discipline, this degree looks like a bargain.

  2. uncle janko

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    Useful info. Thanks.
  3. Jack Tracey

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    They also offer a Masters degree program in Philosophy. It is, I believe, the only US Masters degree program in Philosophy that can be completed entirely through DL. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Er....inexpensive? Maybe if your daddy is payin' the bill! I have, admittedly, seen a lot worse price-wise however. To me, a person (especially in holy orders) should be afforded the opportunity to receive a masters level degree for about $3000.00 US. That being said, I only have a bachelors degree in Theology and may be a smidgen biased. And, I am a deacon. I will say this however, I never regretted obtaining any of my education. Even the education that I paid too much for!!
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    I am curious to know how you feel an educational institution should subsidize the remained of its costs if it is only charging its students $3000 for a degree. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just not sure how what you are proposing could be accomplished.
  6. dark_dan

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    I'm sure the Vatican has a few extra dollar bills laying around.

    Catholic education would be in their best interests.
  7. Wow, if you can find a RA MA in Theology for $3000, let me know. I might take two! One for now, one for later!
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    Have you spoken to the religious vocations person in your diocese? If you are contemplating entering the priesthood or something, you need to be talking to them. There might be some kind of financial aid available.
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    ATS Accreditation for Holy Apostles

    Bumping this old thread to add the news that Holy Apostles, which has long been regionally accredited, has received Association of Theological Schools accreditation for their M.Div (on campus) and MA in Theology and MA in Philosophy programs (theology is offered both on campus and online, philosophy is offered online, I'm not sure if it's offered on campus.

    It hasn't appeared yet on the ATS web site, but I expect it will in due course.

    See: Accreditation and Honors | Holy Apostles College & Seminary

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