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  1. Xtra

    Xtra New Member

    Oh lately there was plenty of banner hanging around on the road site for selling COU degree and you know who is the operator, Ha the former (not sure whether is former or still exist) of Akamai University. Look one down and another university come. Welcome on board Commonwelth Open University, BVI.
  2. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    It is clear that there is a language barrier in effect here but if Xtra wants to make a point then he needs to be more articulate in his effort. You need to refer to something specific and provide evidence. Otherwise it means nothing.
    Try again.
  3. decimon

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  4. mcdirector

    mcdirector New Member

    they have a yacht club?

    Yacht Club
    commodore @ commopu .org
  5. Xtra

    Xtra New Member

    Is hard to show evident unless there can attach the photograph in this discussion. Any idea?
  6. JamesK

    JamesK New Member

    You can attach an image, providing it is smaller than 50400 bytes. If that is not large enough, there is also ImageShack for images up to 1024kB.
  7. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Are all these banners being hung in Vietnam, Malaysia or where?

    Is this meant to be an attack on the operator or the university or what?
  8. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I am sorry for not being clear. I was not asking for a photograph, although that might be nice. I was asking for something like a precise duplication or transcript of these banners including any names, telephone numbers, web addresses, etc. Oh yes, it might also be helpful to know exactly where you are seeing these advertisements. I don't believe we know from which country/city you post. Thanks,
  9. Xtra

    Xtra New Member

    Malaysia. And I am sure from the strategies that DB play are now promoting COU due to the negative impact on AU or probably had been warn by the local Ministry to shut down and now coming out his former affiliated COU and this strategies look like they will never work for long and just looking for fast and quick money and run away for his last try. This had shown that how the diploma mill operator operation strategies. IIU had change name to IIU of Europa and CIU had got no news after the Ministry annoucement. BAD BAD BAD. Seem like AU soon be damage by the former operator due to the strategy of Ben will create further damage to Akamai. I had seen Akamai (URL) Dr Ben Lee still as Liason Officer.

  10. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Well, from all you say, it appears that the operator/s is/are not running away from their market, but simply promoting another school!

    Hence, I would imagine that potential students would have even greater confidence in the operator (as distinct from the schools he promotes) by the mere fact that he is still operating.

    Is there some hint of jealousy or not so friendly competitive feeling to be implied from your posts?
  11. EDY

    EDY New Member

    well , Xtra , since you had voice up this matter i think it will be better that u show us the prove & evidence .

    thanks ,


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