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  1. Jodokk

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    I rely on fin aid to help with expenses whilst I attend school. And with grad school looming I'm looking at Doctorale programs

    Pacifica (which would involve a big move with a family)
    E-Riddle human factors MA
    Fielding Institute

    (they at least are right up front. It's 15,000 yearly and they are
    the only apa accredited distance psych phd that I know of.)
    Are there others to consider that are RA and fin aid is available?

    As you know there is only that 18,000 stafford for grad who don't have assistantships. (oh, the cost for the DL learner!)

    Does anyone have some straight forward honest to goodness yearly figures for these other schools including ballpark residencies from the east coast?
    I've attempted searches for these and get nothing.
  2. picklehead

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    Standard of living very costly


    I mean very EXPENSIVE!!

    If cost is a factor I imagine that it includes the cost to merely exist in the area around the school. You may want to check the housing and rental prices around the schools you are considering. that require multiple residencies.

    A 1 bedroom apartment close to Pacifica will cost you $1100 or $1200.

    Just my 2cents..hope it is helpfull

    I was looking into the Pacifica option myself, but they want you to be on campus far to often.
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  3. Jodokk

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    i agree

    yes, I agree, but wow! joseph campbell's library and such. It is certainly a dream school. I will, most probably, go with the ECU academic psych distance deal. I'm in state so its stupid cheap.
    Thanks for the info. Can't say I got to much more. A tad dissapointing.

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