Help!!! Newbie..looking to get Liberal Arts Degree Online, but lost!!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've become very frustrated with colleges here in California! I'm 46 and am trying to get a Liberal Arts degree as quickly as I can to try and support my father's rising medical expenses so time has become urgent for me. I returned to school in 2015 and have been working full time and trying to take classes as much as I can. I thought I was on the right path with 90 units completed only to have my local CSU tell me that I have to complete their pathway to not have to take the CSET when I'm done with all my college work. So come to find out I still have to do 30 more Gen Ed units plus 50 Upper level work and the 36 credential units. So I'm looking at another 116 units which would take me at least 4-5 years ugghhh. I stumbled upon information about Clep and DSST's etc. If any of the so called big 3 colleges would be an option to help me speed things up, that would be awesome. If I could test out of as much as possible that would be amazing. I'm just not sure where to start, should I call one of the big 3?? Is one better than another for Liberal Arts?? How can I find out how many of my 90 units will count towards my finishing degree and what I still need to take etc??? I see that some of you on here make a list of what classes to take for their does one go about doing that??? AANNNYYY Help whatsoever is much appreciated!!! In the meantime I will try to dig through this forum for info...Thank You In Advance!!!
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    I just completed the process and finished my Liberal Arts degree at Excelsior using CLEP, DSST, TEEX, and Your welcome to contact me for any questions or advice. I can also help you put together a study plan on a spreadsheet. I mainly used the link above posted by Kizmet. However, some of the information is outdated, ALWAYS check the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations for current evaluations of credit. Especially if you need upper division credit because the bar has been raised for upper division recommendations from ACE. Many former upper level exams by DSST are now lower division - Such as Ethics. My email is [email protected]
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    Good Morning.
    I talked to the director of the adult degree completion program at Pierpont CC previously. She may be able to direct you to the WV regents degree that seems like an option for those with credits and no degree. Their sole mission is to help people complete degrees at a lower price. I hope this can help you out.
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    Hello. Not sure if you contacted the above but the person to speak to is Nancy Parks. You would be applying for the AAS Governors Degree. Let me know if this works out.

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