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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, May 25, 2021.

  1. TeacherBelgium

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    I was called by the US embassy in Belgium today and the person mentioned something about a scholarship.
    I thought it was fake because it showed a Belgian number and the person introduced himself as an American asking if I was interested in an American scholarship.
    He mentioned that I applied for a program and was considered for a scholarship.
    I thought this was an Axact recruiter trying to trick me and I told him I was not interested.

    Way too late I discovered that the number was genuinely from the American embassy in Brussels.

    I have called back this evening and explained it but the people on the line say they have no way to put me through to that colleague as they don't know who called who and when.

    I feel so stupid now.
    I need to reach this person asap again and explain my confusion.

    Is there any way that I could get in touch with said person?

    Can his extension be traced through the general phone number of the embassy?

    I feel so stupid.

    Please, any tips are welcome.
  2. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Active Member

    That is such a weird, weird way to go about things. Did the person mention a name at all? Like "Hi, I'm Bob at the American embassy"?

    I think the first thing to do would be to figure out what scholarship they're talking about. I would get in contact with any of the schools you've applied to and ask if they have some sort of connection to the American embassy. My guess would be HAU. But it could be something else.

    Also, remember that phone numbers can be spoofed. It could still be a scam.
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  3. Rachel83az

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  4. Vonnegut

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    If you were in consideration for a Fulbright scholarship.. really would implore you reach out to the embassy again and ask for someone in the embassy who manages the program. It’s one very prestigious scholarship that opens a lot of doors and one of the few scholarship programs can warrant being noted in a resume or bio (at times).
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  5. Thorne

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    Logged in just to say this. My gut says it's a scam because I've never heard of the Fullbright scholarship being awarded to someone who didn't apply, let alone over the phone without any digital or physical correspondence, but the truth is that the Fullbright scholarship is top notch.
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  6. Maniac Craniac

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    Well, everyone's just lobbing piles of money towards you these days, aren't they?!

  7. smartdegree

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    I would first check to see if funding is coming from a Nigerian Prince or is part of an inheritance from a long lost relative. Also check if they need your bank details to deposit the amount. :) LOL

    If those don't check out, odds are it's just someone from HAU who is just not a good communicator. :)
  8. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Active Member

    Don't you have to actually go to the US and live there to be a Fulbright student? That'd be crazy expensive and probably more than wipe out any savings the scholarship/grant would be worth.
  9. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    The one word I remembered about the program is '' whitewater '' that he mentioned.
    I enquired about Whitewater Wisconsin's MBA but didn't fill out the application, which would make it weird. I just asked them a few questions about that program.

    The only word about the program I remember him saying was '' Whitewater ''.
    I enquired about Whitewater Wisconsin's MBA but never filled out the application which would make it weird that they contact me for a scholarship.

    I thought the phone call was fake because it showed a Belgian number and a guy who claimed to be American.
    He had a British accent.
    I told him he was fake and he said : '' What would make you think that? ".
    I was immediately thinking about Axact because they call people for their bullshit schools too and claim to be accredited and the whole shebang.

    Then later, after work, I googled the number and saw this guy truly called from the American embassy in Belgium.

    I called them up but they told me that since there work hundreds of people there in various departments there would be no way to know who called me.

    If this call was real, I feel so stupid now.

    The thing is that phishing happens so much nowadays that I immediately turn things like that down over the phone because I expect them to come with an official e-mailadres.

    But now I feel like a complete idiot for having told him : '' not interested. '' and having hung up.

    Somewhere I hope that the phone call was fake because if that guy was truly who he claimed I would feel like a complete idiot for having turned one of the few golden chances that pass my way down.

    PS : the first parts of my message are showing a few times, no idea why.
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  10. nyvrem

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    Hello Friend

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  11. TeacherBelgium

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    You probably want that payment in Bitcoin, sir or do I send it to a post box in Afghanistan?

    Thanks for letting me know.

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