Help my co-worker with MS Finance choice

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    My co-worker is planner to enroll in MS Finance in US University. We live in Europe, and it seems there are many so top schools that offer MS Finance online.We have checked many programs and finally shortlisted this programs:

    (1) Indiana University, Bloomington.

    Online Finance Degree: Kelley Direct Online : Kelley School of Business: Indiana University

    (2) Penn State University

    Penn State Online | Master of Finance

    (3) TEXAS A & M, UNIVERSITY Commerce

    MS in Finance - Texas A&M University-Commerce

    (4) Northeatern University

    Online Master of Science in Finance | Northeastern University

    (5) University of Michigan, Dearborn

    College of Business: MS in Finance

    (6) University of Massachusette Lowell

    Your advice and recommendation is highly value and appreciated.

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