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    Hey all. New here.

    I am trying to set my path for my next educational pursuit.

    I have two undergrad degrees in business - Finance and Accounting, a Lean Six Sigma Green belt, and a couple of years of experience in private accounting.

    I'd like to get two Masters degree if I could. I will be using what I have left of the GI bill to help pay for it. I think I have 10 months of chapter 1607 at 890/mo and then 12 months of post 9/11 at 80%. I can't afford to try and do something like the UNC MBA and bury myself in debt. I'm not 100% sure that the GI Bill is going to pay me for a second program added concurrently to the first. I understand that towards the end I will be paying out of pocket, but that is okay.

    I'm studying for my Certified Management Accountant certification right now. I plan on getting that and a CPA, once I get 150 hours and 2 more advanced level accounting courses.

    I don't mind doing accounting. Mainly, since it is the "language of business," I just want to demonstrate a complete mastery of it and open myself up to move up financial analysis, banking, or whatever else is financial related. I don't want to work in public accounting, but I would be happy as a controller for a manufacturing firm.

    Here are some things I've found online that have struck my interest:

    Georigia Tech Operations Research:
    I'd need some additional math foundation. I like their financial quant type electives. I'm not sure I could even be accepted. Great name recognition.

    Georgia Southern Master of Accountancy:
    It's AACSB, cheap, and only 30 hours. I've heard that a MAcc is pointless if one has a BBA Accounting. Good name recognition in my area.

    Georgia Southern Master of Science Applied Economics:
    AACSB, cheap, 30 hours, and I could get it in 21 if I did the GSU MAcc by taking MAcc electives in MSAE. I like the concept of an AE degree, but I'm not entirely sure employers do.

    North Dakota State Master of Science Applied Economics:
    AACSB, about same price as AACSB. Will require a thesis or internship. I hear it is better than Southern's, but I won't have the name recognition here with it.

    New England College of Business and Finance, MS Finance:
    I think I could get a military discount and and get this one for about 16k. RA. It is, however, the only reasonable MSF I could find. I'm worried there would be no recognition of it in my area. I also HATE the idea that it is a private institution with no brick and mortar location. This spells a little trouble, but I am lured by it being one of the cheapest MSFs out there.

    MBAs possibilities:

    Wayne State:
    It's SUPER cheap, but no name recognition in my area.

    Same as above.

    University of Louisiana Monroe:
    Inexpensive, AACSB, and only 30 hours. It "sounds" cheap though.

    Eastern New Mexico State:
    ONLY $5708 if I only took two classes a semester. ABCSP. A clear cut sign that I went to school online to a school no one in my area has ever heard of.

    Mississippi State University:
    AACSB, and I could get this degree for under 12k with a military/SEC state residency status discount. This has the best name recognition in my area of any MBA on my list.

    Do you guys see any value to the MSAE for what I want to do? Is the MAcc worth taking? Would anyone touch the New England College of Biz and Finance and their MSF? Are there any cheap, public, B&M, MSF's online out there? What are the thoughts on my MBA choices?

    I know there is a lot of info there, but I appreciate any guidance you can provide.


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