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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by phoenixfuturemnba, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I'm having a really hard time finding an mba program that would be a good fit for me.

    I'd like to get an mba for several reasons: personal growth, networking and most importantly to help grow my business.

    I live in Phoenix and I have looked locally: UofA, ASU and Thunderbird - but they are all really expensive for in-state (20k+ a year).

    I own a business (for over 10 years now) and I've been in the industry for over 17 years so I'm open to local executive/evening programs or a distance education/online format. I should note that time is tight, so I cannot allocate more than 6 hours a week to school.

    I also will pursue a dba later - so it needs to have some level of accreditation - but it doesn't necessarily need to be RA. If you know of a mba/dba program I would be interested in that as well.

    Here is my checklist:
    1) cost - I'd like to be under $350/credit hour (if possible)
    2) at least a national accreditation for future studies (RA would be amazing)
    3) flexible format
    4) not extremely time consuming (less than 6 hours a week for one class)
    5) no gmat (I have plenty of management experience so I probably can get a waiver)
    6) no travel or international project
    7) I prefer ongoing interaction versus one final test per class
    8) I am open to international schools

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Here's a good place to start. The list is a bit outdated now (the tuition fees for many schools have increased since the list was compiled) but it's still a useful resource. RA MBA degrees ordered by price:

    Best Buy Online MBA Regionally Accredited | Ratings & Rankings |
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    I'm biased as I'm almost done but at the same time I can speak to the quality of my program:
    Isenberg School of Management: AACSB Accredited - Hit the online MBA link.

    edit: Disregard. You said no GMAT so no way to get in. They don't offer waivers.
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    Tarelton State University in Stephenville TX sounds like it might be up your alley. The out of state tuition should be close to what you want to spend and they are RA and AACSB accredited. Number three on the best value MBA list. They also of the DBA online which could work for you.
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    Tarleton State University’s COBA is NOT AACSB accredited; their College of Business Administration is however ACBSP accredited. Moreover, they do NOT offer a DBA online or traditionally. Tarleton offers only one doctorial degree program … the Ed.D

    Departments & Programs - College of Business Administration - Tarleton State University
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    Right choice you have done. This is the correct place to post such doubts.
  8. So - you're asking for the trifecta - cheap, fast and good. How would you prioritize these three? "Good" implies a time investment, which will pay dividends in a solid business education, and the ability to network with people who you might be interested in networking with, not just people who looked for the easiest option. If you work in a cohort-based program, or with teams, you want to be paired with motivated students, not just ones who say "if I can pay, I should get an 'A'".

    If you don't need RA, then people have said good things about Aspen here, so that may be an option for a program that doesn't cost too much. Having said that, unless you have a crystal ball, don't skimp - if you want to go for a DBA later and you have a NA masters you will be VERY limited in your choices, and depending where your business or career takes you there might be some regret later.

    Is there a specific reason WHY you don't want to take the GMAT? Are you a poor test taker? I am always amazed that so many people say "no GMAT" when it's really not that big of a deal unless you're looking to go to the top 5 or 10 schools. Without the GMAT you are limiting yourself...

    If you feel that with your management experience you don't need the GMAT then do you really need a MBA, aside from a diploma standpoint? I started my program with 15 years of management experience, but when you add in a disciplinary approach with a solid program there are always courses which you learn from - be it accounting, finance, operations management, marketing, etc.

    If you're willing to invest $40 to see if the GMAT is for you, I suggest going to and getting their pack for 5 GMAT exams with test pacer which fairly accurately simulates the GMAT experience. I'm not shilling for them, but when I took my GMAT back in 2004 my score was very similar to what I scored on the 5 practice exams and the adaptive experience of the GMAT test really needs a computer-based test which books can't provide.

    Good luck!
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    University of London has some good programs. Not a ton of contact like a traditional DL program, but a great school, relatively inexpensive, can be done in a reasonably short time, and would likely work for a more mature student, such as an individual who's run a business for a decade. Distance learning - University of London - UoL - online education - Postgraduate

    A number of MBAs and MS degrees in management from a world-reknowned institution starting at about $10K USD.

    UNISA is dirt cheap and another very good school; they offer an MBL and will soon be offering an MBA.
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    Let me clarify the requirements...

    Cheap is a necessity - since I cannot afford a large expense right now.

    The program doesn't necessarily need to be fast - I can only give about 6 hours a week because I work over 80 hours a week, I'm married and I have a small child at home. I will most likely only do one class a semester.

    Networking is a great benefit - but I'm really looking for the ability to expand my business knowledge. Believe it or not, even after a decade running my own business, I still don't have a firm grasp on accounting terms, operations or long term strategic planning. I could probably forgo the RA but I want to have some options for a doctorate degree.

    I'm really looking for the degree for my personal knowledge, to drive my own business forward and to reinforce credibility.

    My aversion to the GMAT is really time - I could spend a few months preparing for the test but I was hoping to get started in a program by Fall.
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    I will check these out...
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    Online MBA Program

    I had a friend who just finished their MBA program online. This was a person who had a full time job and wanted to study on their own time. I believe he went to Grantham University, which offers Online Degrees, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, MBA, Accredited Programs.
  13. So again - try one of the GMAT test simulators and see what you could potentially get. You might be surprised how well you score with minimal to no study.

    For example, Cal State University Dominguez Hills has an online MBA program that requires the GMAT, but only a score of 450. That's the 23rd percentile.
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    Why not just go take the GMAT cold and see what happens? If you do well enough you can apply to schools that require it. If not, you've lost very little.


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