Help me discerm a valuable source of education from a scam.

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    Cybershaman New Member

    Ok, so I have MS so (well I'm getting my cerebral fluid taken in the near future to diagnose it, so I'm not yet officially diagnosed but I have the symptoms). So I'm thinking about continuing my post highschool education via the internet.

    The thing is, is that I'm from Poland (europe) and even though this seems to be an american- oriented forum, I'm not so interested in american schools because they're to expensive, even though if someone has a cheap one I'll gladly take:

    Here's what I've been thinking off.
    Computer science from pjwstk ( a polish school which has courses in english)
    PJWSTK. Polsko-Japo
    Psychology | Undergraduate Courses, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications - Open University

    Postgraudate level:
    Screenwriting from Bournemouth
    Bournemouth University | Courses | Screenwriting

    Psychology from the open university
    Psychology | Postgraduate Courses, Masters, Diplomas and Certificates - Open University

    MA in buddhist studies
    E-Learning MA in Buddhist Studies | E-Learning Center

    Teaching online:
    Effective Online Tutoring | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education
    Teaching Online Certificate - UC San Diego Extension
    Other courses I'm not sure off if they're legit, I would be greatfull for any information provided
    Bournemouth University | Courses | Writing for the Media

    Masters in Creative Media Practice | SAE OnLine
    Distance Education PG Diploma Correspondence Courses

    I'm also highly interested in alternative medicine (which isn't such a suprise, as healthcare in poland sucks I have to wait 8 months for a simple test) (It's all public)

    I'll list some certificate/ diploma programes I'm interested in and I would highly appreciate your comments.

    Alternative medicine:
    EmoTrance Home Study Distance Learning Course created by Dr Silvia Hartmann |

    Energy psychology (a kind of "energy healing")(I know you might be skeptical, but hey I have a really open mind, and I personally really like eft
    Teaching Online Certificate - UC San Diego Extension

    Energy Psychology: Accredited Practitioner Of Meridian Energy Therapies Online Training Course

    Acupressure Courses | Home Study Acupressure
    Ayurveda - Distance learning university Distance learning higher education Distance education university
    Atlernative Medicine and other stuff from institutions I'd like to get more info about form you, can I trust them? Are the certificates/diplomas they give out worth more than toilet paper?
    UK Holistic Therapy courses online uk. Study Holistic Therapy courses from home ang gain accredited holistic therapy qualifications
    Acupressure Courses | Home Study Acupressure
    UK Distance Learning College - affordable courses for all - Yoga
    Studying Holistic Therapies
    Learning At Home. Home Study Distance Learning Courses
    Body Detox Therapy Distance Learning Diploma Course from £95 Accredited Worldwide
    Online Courses, Online learning, Distance Learning Online, Distance Learning Courses
    Meditation Teacher courses - BSY
    Oxford Learning
    (and many other courses from those providers)

    UK Distance Learning College - affordable courses for all - WRITING SHORT STORIES AWARD (ACCREDITED LEVEL 3)
    Information Technology distance learning course, home study courses, correspondence courses

    Transmedia Storytelling | SAE OnLine

    Thank you for reading this post, I would greatly appreciate comments about any of these institutions.
    Is the open university a good institution to start a career in psychology in?
    Are all alternative medicine schools scams,because all in all alternative medicine is scam?

    I wanted to study computer science at PJWSTK. Polsko-Japo but I realized the only part of computer science I'm interested in is webdesign is there an online course (bachelor MA certificate degree etc,) that's fully accredited and would allow me to professionally make webpages (in poland), preferably a cheap one.

    I'm also interested in this writing school even though this seems to be a scam:
    The Writing School—How to Enroll

    I know I'm throwing a lot at you guys, but it's my future we're talking about, and I just don't know enough about the law in the uk, or US to differentiate between a legit institution and a scam.

    Thank you for reading this post.
  2. New Member

    I visited that website. No mailing address, no phone number. Is it legal? I suspect it's a scam. Beware.

  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I don't think SAE is a scam, but I don't think it will interest you anyway. Reason? From their FAQ:

    "Does SAE Online offer the Diploma Online?
    No, we do not currently offer any diploma online. We may however in the future."

    I believe the principal location of the school is in Auckland, New Zealand and there seems to be plenty of info on the Web. The site says SAE was established in 1976 and has 50 campuses worldwide. There's a map, but I forget whether or not there is a campus in Poland, although I do remember seeing several in Europe.The degrees I looked at were offered in conjunction with known UK universities. What makes SAE Institute unique? It seems they offer some instruction online, but no complete programs in that mode.

    BTW - The Writing School at The Writing School - How to Enroll has been around for quite a few years (in Canada, where I live) and is quite well-known. It's legit but the diplomas do not carry any degree or college credit whatsoever. The courses run about $700-$800, IIRC.

    Two of their courses carry an unusual guarantee: If you complete the course and if, by graduation, have not made enough money from writing to pay your tuition - they will refund your tuition in full. Any school will have some unhappy campers, but the only complaints I've read were by a few disgruntled people who did not like/complete the courses and felt they should get their money back anyway. I can't say I have much sympathy.

    I once thought of taking this course, years ago, but ended up taking a few writing courses at College and University instead. They certainly cost a lot more than one course at The Writing School. The Writing School might well be a good way to "get your feet wet." Look up "Quality of Course" and "The Writing school" on the web and you can see what others think. My take: if one works at it and has any natural ability whatsoever, it's probably well worth $700 or $800. At that price, it's not fair to expect miracles.

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  4. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Are you saying you want to do undergraduate degrees in both computer science and psychology or are you trying to make up your mind? Because a degree is just a tool that helps you reach a goal. If you don't know what your eventual goals are, you need to decide then and then ask for help with schools.
  5. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure the OP is going to be back. He or she asked for help over 4 years ago.
  6. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Oops. You're probably right.
  7. New Member

    True, but SAE-Online has nothing to do with SAE b&m campuses. It is an unaccredited online school that does not disclose mailing address, phone number, and faculty members (if there are any). A little fishy to say the least. Basically you pay €5500 for a degree (?) validated by a b&m university... but if SAE Online doesn't keep his promises, you will lose your money. Is it worth the risk? Go figure.
  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ.

    (1) AFAIK, SAE's online operation is tied to the B and M schools - in this case, London.

    (2) SAE Institute, London is a "listed body" - officially allowed to tutor for degrees of certain specified UK degree-granting schools - e.g. University of London

    Here's the proof positive:

    (3) SAE Online is not promising on-line degrees, or any awards. They teach some of the courses and say specifically there are no fully online diploma or degree programs. You have to attend the B&M SAE school at some point. They make this clear.

    It's OK to be suspicious, but the evidence in this case leads me to believe it's genuine. If you're still in in doubt, I'd check with the B&M SAE Institute, London. They're obviously OK - and they'd tell you in an instant whether this is their authorized online division or not. I could be wrong, but unless and until someone proves me so, I rather think it is the real thing.

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  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    BTW - I detect the beginning of a theme here, (I'm from there myself, btw. :smile: ) Your three posts so far have all dealt with SAE - A school you obviously don't like, because a friend had a horrible experience there. See your post, #34 in this thread:

    I'm sure that your friend did indeed have a bad experience, as you wrote. I doubt that there's a school on the planet where that hasn't happened at least once. And I have no idea why that person did not receive an award from the school, either. There could be one or more of several valid reasons - or not. I have no idea. Stuff happens. You've also said (twice) that the school is unaccredited. We've proven that it is in fact a 'listed body' - Government-authorized to tutor for degrees of recognised universities, as is quite frequent in the UK. And please forgive me - I said "U. of London," when I meant "U. of Middlesex." Shame on me - I'm from Middlesex -- Well, it was called that back then, anyway! Greater London, nowadays.

    I realize it doesn't matter at all what I think and I have no axe to grind here. However, I believe the evidence shows the school is at least legitimate. Nobody here has established how good it is, though, and I have no real opinion pro or con on that subject. But I'll still have to file your statements about the school's not being genuine under "allegations," unless/until shown they have substance.

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  10. New Member

    SAE Online, formerly SAE Graduate College , is not run by SAE London.

    True, but we were talking about SAE Online (Graduate College), not SAE Institute London...


    They do promise online degrees/awards, read what says. Basically their institution (no faculty, no phone number etc.) resells a third-party b&m degree.

    They also do that, together with the fully online diploma/degree.

    I believe SAE Institute London is genuine, too. I never said it wasn't. But we were talking about SAE Online, not SAE Institute London.

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