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    Hi All - I am new to the forum and I have done a lot of reading and have requested information from some of the schools that I have seen on here. I really need help to complete my degree, because my employer is making it a requirement based on my level.

    I currently have about 22 credit from AIU, but this is back in 2004. I am really interested in going to COSC to complete this degree. I saw a lot of info on the forum regarding testing out to complete your degree at COSC and I really need some information about this. I contacted the school todya and they said that someone will contact me, an Admissions Adviser. I didn't see information on the site about testing out of most of the courses.

    Can you help me to create a plan to complete my degree with this school? how long do you think that it would take me to complete a BA at COSC? Whar are the requirements? I just really need some guidance and I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forum. I completed my BS from COSC and I was able to go from an AA to a BS in under 6 months. I was able to test out of over 50 credits in under two months. To complete the COSC degree you will need 6 credits in English, 6 in math, 12 in social science, etc - the same general ed requirements as any school. They can all be earned by testing out. Does that help to get started?
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    This is the degree plan I used in 2007 to graduate from Excelsior with BS/Psychology, and an Area of Focus in Administrative/Management through testing out of all courses. This plan was approved - IN WRITING - by Excelsior staff before tests were taken, and there should be no exceptions to that rule for the protection of the student. NOTE: Credits granted from GRE subject test in psychology were less than what was earned, as duplication occurred. This provides a great example of why it is always wise to obtain approval before accruing credits.


    ECE Information Literacy 1 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Here's To Your Health 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Fundamentals of Counseling 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Drug & Alcohol Abuse 3 Upper Applied Prof.
    DANTES Intro To Business 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Intro to Computers 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    ECE Human Resource MGMT 3 Upper Applied Prof.
    ECE Labor Relations 3 Upper Applied Prof.
    CLEP Principles of Management 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    CLEP Principles of Marketing 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Principles of Supervision 3 Lower Applied Prof.
    DANTES Physical Geology 3 Lower Math/Nat. Sci.

    DANTES Environment/Humanity 3 Lower Math/Nat. Sci.
    Previously Accrued Credits 8.66 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    GRE Psychology Credits 2.67 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    GRE Psychology Credits 6 Upper (2) Soc.Sci./History
    ECE Organizational Behavior 3 Upper Soc.Sci./History
    ECE Research Methods/Psych 3 Upper Soc.Sci./History
    ECE Abnormal Psychology 3 Upper Soc.Sci./History
    ECE Social Psychology 3 Upper Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP Intro to Educational Psych 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP Intro to Sociology 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP Human Growth & Develop. 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP US History I 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP US History II 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    DANTES Civil War and Recon 3 Upper Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP Social Sciences/History 3 Lower Soc.Sci./History
    CLEP English Composition 3 Lower Humanities
    ECE College Writing 3 Lower Humanities
    CLEP Humanities 6 Lower Humanities
    DANTES Ethics in America 3 Lower Humanities
    DANTES Religions of the World 3 Lower Humanities
    CLEP Analy/Interpreting Lit 6 Lower Humanities
    CLEP American Literature 6 Lower Humanities
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  5. A caveat - hasn't been updated in years so use it as a guidebook, not a roadmap.

    I second consultco's suggestion to get EVERYTHING in writing (via e-mail is fine, just print it out) as things can change during the course of a degree plan.
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    Very good answers everyone, please keep them coming!
  7. Tamarislonghair

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    Bumping for answers.....anyone completed a Bachelors degree in Business from Charter Oak State College.

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