HELP! I need info on Northcentral U's Master of Ed program, Athletic Coaching

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    I'm currently a Physical Education teacher who must earn a Masters Degree in order to obtain my Permanent Certification. I have done a great deal of searching online, but have only found an Athletic Coaching specialization at Northcentral University, via their Masters of Education program. At first glance, I like the course descriptions, and appreciate that they are regionally accredited. However, I also did notice that they are a for-profit school, which I've heard is not preferable when choosing an online school.

    I'd very much appreciate guidance and input from those of you in the know, as to your opinions of for-profit schools, and any problems that they may present.

    Even more importantly, I'd like to hear from those who are currently enrolled in Northcentral and/or those who have already earned their degree from this university. I welcome all feedback!

    Lastly, if anyone knows of any other athletic masters program they can recommend, please do as I'm very open to suggestions.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Hi Wurlitzer, welcome to Degree Info! Here's why there is a delay in your posts showing up:

    Don't worry about the for-profit status of your school, especially in the K-12 education field. In my many years of K-12 teaching, I have never run into a single person who devalued online education. (Well, at least not to my face) I earned my teaching credential and my master's in education online from a for-profit school and have had nothing but favorable results. I landed my current teaching job because of the same master's degree. If your school is regionally accredited, nobody cares, in my experience.

    It's a different story if you are trying to get a tenure-track, traditional professorship in a traditional university. They generally require a traditional degree, but other than that, there is no problem with an online, for-profit master's degree.

    Also, I attended NCU for a few classes and found that they were well designed and rigorous. The customer support is below standard there, but if you can work on your own, you should be fine. NCU is pretty much a self-study program, they assign you a mentor, but they seem overworked and most don't offer that much help.
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    I received a sports certificate in coaching from the United States Sports Academy. Would a MA from them fit your needs?

    Master of Sports Science (M.S.S.) - United States Sports Academy

    Would have to check if your school would accept their degree. Looks like a good one and its about $100 less per credit hour than NCU.
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    Thank you also for the information.
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    Education Graduate Programs" target="_blank" class="externalLink" rel="nofollow">48 Online Physical & Coaching Education Graduate Programs

    You would be better served by these institutions, all online. NCU is not so reasonable in cost, and the state schools have a better cachet, and have an athletic department:

    University of Nebraska - Kearney
    Master of Arts in Education - Physical Education Master Teacher
    The MAE in Physical Education Master Teacher is a 36 credit hour program designed for those teachers who prefer a broader

    Ohio University
    Master's in Coaching Education
    In the world of athletics, the difference between average and elite performance can hinge on the level of coaching an athlete.

    Adams State University
    MA in Coaching
    Affordable, online 36-hour MA degree in Coaching

    Ball State University
    Master of Arts in Physical Education Specialization in Coaching
    This program serves as a cornerstone for the coaching education programs. It utilizes already existing graduate courses and c...

    Florida State University
    Master of Science in Physical Education (Online)
    The Master of Science in Physical Education program is designed for K-12 physical education teachers who wish to expand and/o..
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    fwiw, closely related subjects besides physical education or coaching per se that you might want to investigate programs in would include Sports Management, Health and Human Performance, and Exercise Science.
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    From the Great State of Kansas

    Emporia State University Emporia State University offers an online MS in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, if that helps.
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  9. Ted Heiks

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    From the Great State of Florida:

    The University of South Florida offers the MA in Physical Education online.

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