[HELP] Fast,self-paced uni/college that will let me graduate anytime (without CLEP)??

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by reeraiden, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. reeraiden

    reeraiden New Member

    hy, im 19.and i dont have any college credits to transfer.

    im expecting to finish my bachelor degree in psychology within 1-2 years.
    because i do have 24 hours everyday to earn this degree and i'm a maniac :p

    and unfortunately,there's no CLEP test center in my region (i live in Indonesia)
    :( so i cant use it to earn credits.

    so anybody here knows about online university or college that offer a flexible program and will let me graduate at anytime?

    ive been searching everywhere. and almost all flexible universities and colleges i found still have a class term.
    ofcourse it wont let me to graduate anytime at my own pace :(

    ive been considering AUI since they have 5 weeks term. but i guess its too expensive for me.

    and i have considered to enter Columbia southern university too. they has 3-10 weeks term (pretty much self paced for me :D ) and the tuition is soo affordable. but in the end, i realize that they are not RA. i'm afraid it will be really hard for me to transfer my credits in the future. :(

    so anyone here have any idea where should i earn my bachelor in psychology ????

    please help :(
  2. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    Well, just a minute man! Do you want an education, or do you want a degree?
    Ok, lets get one thing straight, there's only ONE Maniac on DegreeInfo ;)
    Then you are looking for something self-paced. The problem is, you would still need a proctor for, probably, most of your exams. It might be possible to arrange that, but someone with more experience than me would need to help you in that area. You can get a self-paced Psychology degree from Colorado State University, Pueblo. That's the only one that pops into my head at the moment, but I will try to stretch my brain to give you more options.

    By the way... WELCOME TO DEGREEINFO!!!! If you didn't know it yet, this is the largest, most active, most trusted and respected distance education forum community. Rest assured, you are in the right place, and if someone here can't help you, then absolutely no one can :cool:
    Columbia College of Missouri has 8 week terms with several semesters per year, and are much less expensive than AIU. So is Clovis Community College, that has terms of varying lengths- they are VERY inexpensive and the credits will transfer to other schools.
    Would the RA/NA difference matter in Indonesia? Are you planning on moving to the States? Columbia College (not Columbia Southern) is RA and about as affordable as you can get.
  3. reeraiden

    reeraiden New Member

    thanks for your reply! i want both of course.
    i dont want any useless diploma mills.
    if i only want a degree,i think the NA accredited of CSU will not be a problem for me :)

    lol.noooo thats not what i mean :p
    i just tried to say that i will work 24 hours to get my BS.and i will take it seriously,
    so don't consider me as those students who expecting a cheap,easy and fast degree :D

    wow, thank you for the options!! i will check the site for sure :D
    sure,more option is better.thank you very much!

    wow,thank you.yeah, but im still looking for university/college that has shorter term than 8 weeks.
    even i'm still not really sure if i can make it or not but i think its always okay to try something new :)

    actually,i want to move to Canada next year. is NA and RA does really matter in Canada?
  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Don't forget, you can try to sign up for four classes in the eight week semester and in a sense do a class every two weeks.
  5. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    However there is a DSST test center in Indonesia.
  6. jra

    jra Member

    Global University everything is by correspondence and it is $110 x credit. it is both DETC and RA accredited.
  7. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Doesn't it only offer degrees in theology and Bible? At least, that's all I could find on their site. That's great, but it's not what the OP is looking for.
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  8. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    I forgot

    CLEP will allow you to find alternative proctors and testing sites, even internationally. Don't rule them out until you first contact them and see what you could arrange.
  9. reeraiden

    reeraiden New Member

    i know,sadly,there is only one in jakarta.
    well,i already called them like almost 2 weeks ago and asked about the DSST tests.

    but guess what,i've got nothing!

    my phone calls is always being transferred from one person to another.
    until i freaked out with the annoying,boring,unmelodious ring tones of their waiting line -___-

    i already leave my number like a thousand times but i guess,they didn't write it down even they promised me to call me back.

    now how they can call me back if they don't write my number on a paper?
    wow,who they think they are? a spiritualist who will have a vision of all the telephone numbers of everyone who call their office?!

    and fyi,the person who work in the test section is never being in the office.
    whenever i called (in the working time of course)

    and once he is available,he doesn't know if his office will accept DSST or not.
    and tell me to wait and leaving my phone number while he calls the higher admission.

    how can i count on to 'something' like that?!
    and you dont have any idea how rude the girl in the information section.
  10. reeraiden

    reeraiden New Member

    i know i already email them.and they dont have any test center in here. the nearest test center is in Philippines and Afghanistan.

    for Philippines,i dont know anything about Philippines.its pretty far from here.

    and for Afghanistan. eeerr..i don't think i will go there only to take some CLEP tests.lol

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