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    Well, here goes:

    I'm a 28 year old married mom of two, and have been unsuccessful at getting past my freshman year at college. I've been to about 5 schools, and changed my major umteen bazillion times. I'm settled on a school msinly bevause i live in the boondocks and its closest to me. Its either Sam Houston State University, or go completely online, because SHSU only offers CS or MIS majors. I currently have 18 hours of passing credits. I'm not going the CIS route because theres too much difficult math involved, and I had to study my ass off to make C's in my entire educational career in math. ANY kind of math.

    I'd like to attend a Brick and Mortar University (preferably in Texas) that has a fully online distance learning program in IT (Thinking CIS, CIT, or the like) and get certified in EC-7 Technology Education (so that I have the option to teach), or shoot for a position at a ISD in their technology department, work with my husband in his IT technician business, or start my own web design/virtual assisting business working from home.

    See, i want to continue the legacy; my family are all teachers, my mom taught first grade for 23 years, then became intermediate principal for 6 years, and is currently our entire districts curriculum director. Her parents; my grandparents taught as well. My Granny was computer lab manager/teacher at our elementary school for 35 years, and my Pawpaw taught and coached here for 32 years.

    It also doesn't help that with teaching its a contact position, pay is better than what I've got now (which is nothing because my hubby and i are unemployed atm and ill be a stay at home mom until our kiddos are in school fulltime), ill have the same schedule as the kids, health and dental, retirement, and a respected profession. If i got a degree in MIS i could still get a position at an ISD if i wanted, but id also have the option of running my husbands field computer tech business with him and possibly work from home. My only drawback from teaching is that i don't want yo deal with discipline issues, or angry parents, and I'm really nervous about being alone with so many kiddos!! LOL

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