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    Dear all,

    My name is Anna, and I am currently a student at the University of London International Programmes, BSc Economics and Finance.

    Please excuse me, but I have to tell a somewhat lengthy story about my education process before I am able to ask you all for help and advice.
    I've been studying with the UoL for a few years already, not very succesfully - I pass with good marks all subjects in humanities, but I really suck at maths & statistics, and failed a few exams. At the UoL IP, there are no retakes - you only may try to sit the examination again next year. This, and the way you study there (everything is about the examination - no courswork, no tutors, no interaction with the university except the Study Guides they send you) made me really disappointed in the UoL IP. Moreover, I am now sure that Economics and Finance is a wrong field for me - I really want and should better study somthing less mathematical.
    This study year, I want to transfer from th UoL IP to another DL Bachelor Degree program. I do not know where to, though, and would be really grateful for any advice you may come up with.
    There are far too many things that have to be possible at this new DL program, and I have not yet found anything creditable and interesting that satisfies all of the those things. Which are:
    -I want to be able to transfer as much credit as possible from my education at the UoL IP (5 full subjects I've passed);
    -Ideally, I want to be able to transfer some credit for other subjects I've passed in another (very creditable) university (not distance learning but full-time education I did two years ago), so that with all the credit transfers, I would be able to complete my degree in a year (~12 months). But this is just a dream-like scenario;
    -I live in.. Russia. I am more than willing to come to the UK or some other country to sit exams or to go through some intensive tutoring a few times a year. But this, unfortunately, is a reason I can not transfer to the Open University. Most of their undergraduate courses are not available for people based in Russia (except from, for some strange reason, natural science subjects - astrophysics, biotech and similar).
    So the program should be really open to people from overseas, so that they accept me.
    -Ideally, the institution should provide a kind of an Open Degree, such as the Open Uniersity has. Then I would be able to transfer all my credit and also continue on studying subjects more interesting and suitable for me. Those that are in the fields of arts, culture, art management, urban planning, creative business, etc.

    Please tell me that at least something like that exists? A DL undergraduate programme, that provides a creditable degree, allows credit transfer from UoL IP, accepts students in Russia and has something like an open or multi-subject degree.

    Thank you very much for reading through my huge and chaotic post. If you have any questions about the UoL IP - I would be more than happy to share my experience and give advice. I not only am their student for a few years now, I also have a lot of friends, who graduated with honours.



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