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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by SweetSecret, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. SweetSecret

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    Hello, everyone!

    I just joined the forum. I have been a member of the sister forum for many years. I wanted to join this forum when I started my MBA, but there seemed to be a glitch in the system at the time. I have been reading this forum for several years. I feel like I already know the personalities of some of you. I may have also taken a course with a person on this forum.

    My undergraduate degree was completed at Thomas Edison State University and then enrolled at Walden University hoping to specialize in social entrepreneurship. I had applied to Quantic School of Business and Technology, but I was denied. I was salty about it at first and then realized that they were not accepting people from my state at that time. Walden had an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation but it was more expensive than the Tempo track options, so I enrolled in the MBA in Healthcare Management (Tempo) to save money. I had intended to either double concentrate or switch to social entrepreneurship at the tail end. Unfortunately, Walden dropped the social entrepreneurship concentration. However, I could still go with the self-designed concentration to focus on social entrepreneurship.

    At this point, I have completed 18 credits towards my MBA, and spent $1,ooo out of pocket without loans or grants. I started at Walden during the free term offer but had a few surgeries during that term so I was not speeding through it. The reasons I had the surgeries limits my ability to accelerate through future classes too. At the end of the initial term, I spoke with Walden University staff to Find out which courses I could take at UoPeople that would be eligible for transfer back to Walden University. I ended up taking numerous classes including two classes that may not transfer, but I am hoping Walden will transfer them in. During my first term at UoPeople I discovered that students cannot select their classes, so I ended up in a course (organizational theory and behavior) that was not on my list of transferable courses. However, the professor was excellent! I could not imagine dropping the course. To this day, he's one of the best professors I have had. One of my future goals is to go to law school, and my CAS account was already set-up, so the professor was able to write me a reference letter. The second course I took that might not transfer is "Managing in the Global Economy". I am hoping to use the two fluke courses towards the self-designed concentration courses at Walden. If the courses transferred smoothly, I should have been able to finish my ACBSP accredited MBA with at least a single self-designed concentration for about $9,267. However, things inevitably change and now the price is looking to be higher for various reasons. Some of that end price tag increase is due to tuition changes and other parts are due to how I am realizing I should change my degree plans to accommodate future goals (i.e. pursuing a JD degree which I will discuss in another thread).

    I look forward to getting to know you all better and participating in the discussions!
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    Welcome! Which state is Quantic not accepting students from, and how long ago was this? I was recently accepted to Quantic and I live in Iowa. Good luck on your MBA and future JD!
  3. SweetSecret

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    I applied a long time ago before they changed their name. Looking back at my emails, it was in 2018. I am in the Southwest, so one of those states. I think there were about 10 states that they were not accepting students from at that time.
  4. Dustin

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    Ahh okay. I see on the catalogue: Alabama • Alaska • Arkansas • Delaware • Georgia • Maryland • Minnesota • Montana • New Mexico • New York • North Dakota • Oregon • Rhode Island • Wyoming

    Now that they're nationally accredited (NA/DEAC), they can accept students in all 50 states and US territories.

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