Hello from Los Angeles (Any info on University of London?)

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    Hello to you all,

    After reading Bears Guide To Earning Degrees By Distance Learning 16 Ed. a few years ago, I am preparing myself to finally take action.

    As with most of you, I'm turned off by the expense (especially here in Calif.), the commute, the schedule, the ever tedious required essays, the parking fees, the overpriced text books, overall, the plain hassle of traditional brick and mortar schools.

    I once read a book on distance learning published in the 1990's, where the author praised the distance learning program of University of London, for the quality and rigor of their courses, and especially the low-cost. So, I recently looked up the university's website, and to my delight, their Bachelor degrees run around $5k U.S. dollars.

    Anyone have feedback on University of London? Worth it? Convenient?

    Basically, I registered here, to discover a DL program that is expeditious, affordable (since, I'm unemployed), at least somewhat reputable, and that it offers interesting degrees/certificates. If anyone can provide me information or point me to the right direction, that would be super cool! Thanks!

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