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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Shawn and I am new to the forum. :)

    I am a 29 year old male from the state of Illinois (USA). I am an online college student. I have an Associates of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelors of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (Cum Laude) and I am working on my Master of Business Administration concentrating in Entrepreneurship. I love online college dearly and I am very glad I made the choice to go.

    A bit about me: I am a full time manager in the private security industry. I am into website development and mainly run message forums, blogs and social networks. I am widely into online marketing, SEO, SMO and internet business/profit earning. I am a hardcore cyclist (mainly road bike but some MTB as well) and am now getting into running, too. I love digital photography! I love the outdoors! I chase storms - yeah, tornadoes! I am a member of the Masonic Lodge and a Shriner as well.

    I look forward to a great membership here!

    P.s. If I may suggest one thing to help this forum out. Your Stop Forum Spam modification has usernames enabled as it originally blocked me from joining with the available username 'Shawn'. Enabling the username option often blocks real potential members - so disabling it might get your more members. Only a suggestion, though!

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