Health Psychology Masters programs?

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    Hi all,

    I am looking to pursue a Masters in Health Psychology. Because the brick and mortar schools with this program are very far away (and very $$$ for me), I have considered getting my Masters online. I did have a question though. The only schools I found that offer this program are Walden, Northcentral, and University of the Rockies. From what I've gathered, Walden seems to be reputable. However, I would probably need to pursue my PhD at a brick & mortar school due to licensing policies in my state (unless if I move to another state). If I attended Walden (or any other distance learning school), would that affect my chances of being accepted into a PhD program?

    Also, does anyone know of any other schools that offer a Health Psychology program?

    Thanks all!
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    I believe that you've located all of the options in the US. If you're willing to consider a foreign school, I would have a look at the online MSc Health Psychology offered by the University of Ulster (a university located in Northern Ireland). This program has been accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) (the UK equivalent of the APA). Tuition is currently ~14,810 USD for non-EU students.
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    From the Saybrook University website on the Master of Science in Mind-Body medicine, which has been offered for forty years and can be accomplished online, albeit with two residencies each year:

    Students pursuing their MS in Mind-Body Medicine take coursework in a variety of areas that include experience and the practical use of mind-body medicine: nutrition and health; spiritual practices, ceremony, and ritual; advanced mind-body medicine; psychophysiology; movement, exercise, and health; and applied hypnosis and biofeedback. The degree culminates in a Master’s Project or Thesis.

    MS Mind-Body Medicine |

    If you go to the Outcomes page for this degree, health psychologist is listed.
    If you choose to pursue a PhD, most or all of the credits can be transferred.

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