hay and i haves a goal

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    hay everbody and tanks so much for all the suport each of u have been showing to thacker. since earneng my degre at santa regis univesity i have been looking for a nba pogram that would suti thackers needs. so far thacker has beeen unluckie. i have a goal and that goal is to get everbody to keep posting to thackers post all the way past one day memories day on monday. thacker want sto be an example to eveerbody who cokmes to this webb-site. tanks so much to all of everbody to makeing convestation about thacker but thacker is is not fom the south. thacker is from ohio andthacker thanking about mooving to new oraleaens. or thacker mite move to hotlanta. but thacker nots thanks he likes gieorga. im thanking about aplying to california cost universitie just becase i thank they got s anifty logo. but thacke r nows he can get into universicy of pheenix. first before thacker cans moves he mustve found a job for source of dough and thacker not gots much dough rite nwo but thinkfully the degree i got wa s very afrodable. thacker so happie he found this site bc allk of yall are such good fiends to him. are u my fiend? sinc ei have taked so mucjh and nots asks many questons (bc thacker had a realy high gray pount average at saint rigorous univesity) and thacke rthanks he nows alot but he has a ?. thacker wants to now if any person nows anytang about the univesity of washinton onlion program. thacker has inqueered by e male but hasnt yet to heer anytang. plese help thacekr with some info and tale thacke rmore comliments bc i like heering them.

    I AM thacker
  2. Dr. Gina

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    Translation for my cousin in Italy

    Ok..Lets see how this translates in Italian:

    l'everbody di fieno ed i serbatoi cosí molto per tutto il suport ciascuno di u mostra al thacker. poiché l'earneng il mio degre all'univesity di regis di santa cerco un pogram di nba che farebbe i bisogni di thackers di suti. fino ad ora il thacker ha l'unluckie di beeen. ho uno scopo e quello scopo è prendere l'everbody per tenere affiggere al palo di thackers tutta il passato di maniera un giorno giorno di memorie sulunedì. il thacker vuole che lo sto è un esempio all'eveerbody che il cokmes a questo webb-luogo. i serbatoi cosí molto a tutto l'everbody al convestation di fabbricazione del thacker ma al thacker è è il fom il sud. il thacker è da ringraziare di andthacker di ohio del mooving all'oraleaens nuovo. o movimento di acaro di thacker a hotlanta. ma thacker non ringrazia ama gieorga. im ringraziando di aplying a universitie di costo di california becase giusto che ringraziopreso s il logogramma di anifty. ma il thacke r adesso può entrare nell'universicy di pheenix. primo prima che il thacker lo può muovere il mustve ha trovato un lavoro per la fonte di pasta ed il thacker ha preso molto nwo di rito di pasta ma il thinkfully il grado ho preso il wa s molto l'afrodable. il thacker cosí il happie ha trovato quest'allk di bc di luogo di yall sono diavoli cosí buoni a lui. sono u mio diavolo? l'ei di sinc haportato cosí il mucjh e chiede molto questons (il thacker di bc ha avuto una realy alta media di pount grigia al sant'univesity rigoroso) ed il rthanks di thacke egli adesso l'alot ma ha un?. il thacker vuole a adesso se qualunque persona qualunque adesso anytang dell'univesity di programma di onlion di washinton. il thacker ha inqueered da e il maschio ma il hasnt ancora all'anytang di heer. il thacekr di aiuto di plese con alcuno thacke di di informazioni e favola comliments di rmore diIl bc amo il heering loro.

    SONO il thacker
  3. skidadl

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    I gotta say, I am very impressed.

    With both of you . . .
  4. MichaelR

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    I think it makes more sense after it is translated back into English from Italian......

    l'everbody of hay and the tanks cosí a lot for all suport everyone of u extension to thacker. since l'earneng mine degre all'univesity of regis of saint I try a pogram of nba that it would make the needs of thackers of suti. till now the thacker has l'unluckie of beeen. I have a scope and that scope is to take l'everbody in order to hold to post up to the pole of thackers all the way past a day day of memories sulunedì. the thacker it wants that it I am is an example all'eveerbody that the cokmes to this webb-place. the tanks cosí a lot to all l'everbody to the convestation of fabrication of the thacker but to the thacker is is fom the south the thacker is from ringraziare of andthacker of ohio of the mooving all'oraleaens new. or movement of acarus of thacker to hotlanta. but thacker ringrazia loves gieorga. _ im ringraziando of aplying to universitie of cost of California becase just that ringraziopreso s the logogramma of anifty. but the thacke r now it can enter before nell'universicy of pheenix. first that thacker it the mustve can move has found a job for the paste source and the thacker has taken a lot nwo of paste ritual but thinkfully the degree I have taken wa s the a lot l'afrodable. thacker cosí the happie has found quest'allk of bc of place of yall is good devils cosí to he is u my devil? l'ei of sinc haportato cosí the mucjh and ask a lot questons (the thacker for bc have had realy high an average of pount grey to sant'univesity rigorous) and the rthanks of thacke he now l'alot but it has one. the thacker it wants if any person any now anytang dell'univesity of program of onlion now of washinton. the thacker it still has inqueered from and the male but the hasnt all'anytang of heer. the thacekr of aid of plese with some thacke of of information and fable comliments of rmore diIl bc I love heering they. THEY ARE the thacker

    Gotta love the babel fish......
  5. uncle janko

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    Oh be still my hoolish feart...
  6. hornet

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    Thacker was indeed from the south, doesn't anybody remember the banjo player in Deliverance? Or was that James Carvell?
    oh well,
  7. Dr. Gina

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    Gee, thanks..and I didn't even go to St. Regis!:D

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