Has anyone took the mcsd exams?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by codekiller, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Hello ,

    I was wondering has any took the mcsd exams if so how are they set up? I a little curious about them !
  2. etech

    etech New Member

    why are you ? dont be. what do you want to use this for ? It is quite a challenging certification and since Microsoft keeps changing exams and technology I think its not worth it. Its better to do Java certification.
  3. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    I did last year. VB.net 70-306.

    Tottally 55-59 questions. Most of them are from ADO.net, Debug and trace.
  4. codekiller

    codekiller New Member


    I like to push my self to the limit to see how much i can possibly learn that all no other reason but pure vanity and i will admit that got me this far ! plus i was always scared of programming in the past and I figure this is a good way to completly conquer my fear and learn someting very valueble for the future !
  5. etech

    etech New Member

    check the microsoft site for MCSD requirements. Their exams have changed since I last checked. They have .net now and I think that is about to change as well.
  6. trigo

    trigo New Member

    Here's a link for MCSD reguirements.
    70-305 and 70-315 will have similar questions (more on Web apps); 70-306 and 70-316 will have similar questions (on Windows-based apps); 70-310 (on XML/Web server components);
    (All above are multiple choice types) Here's where your programming skills come in.

    70-300 is a design exams, on Solution Architectures
    ( three main scenarios/problems; after you answer one scenario and go to the second, you can't go back to the first)
  7. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    If you want to look at the questions visit www.mcsebraindumps, they have the real questions from the exam. It is free!!!
  8. etech

    etech New Member

    and site like these make the value of these exams and certifications worthless. You only remember and pass the exams but when in front of an actual employer one's knowledge on the subject matter is... well you know.
  9. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    When I took this exam there were no exam materials available anywhere, including the above mentioned web site.
  10. manjuap

    manjuap New Member

    I know for a fact that this site is in existence since atleast 3.5 yrs. .NET exams were not released then. When you took the test this site was very well there. I know a lot of programmers with MCSD not knowing basics of programming. They use the above mentioned site or many available sites that sell exect-questions for a fee.
  11. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    I passed the BETA exam (70-306) in 2002. Much before the real exams were relased to the public. I know it is useless to prove my innosense.
  12. codekiller

    codekiller New Member


    I do plan on taking the exam! I have been trying to get alll the book I am going to need to take the test here is a list tell me if there is more i should get :

    1. sams object oreinted programming in 30 days

    2. sams vb.net in 24 hours

    3. asp.net for dummies

    4. visual basic.net object oriented approach thomson technology

    5. visualbasic.net programming thomson technology

    6. Microsofts visual basic. net step by step

    7.(looking at this book) Visual basic for dummies

    I also plan to get some testing software but not really sure what to get I fiure I would try to complete 50 -100 projects first before I even look at the testins software.

    What do you guys think ?

    what books did you guys use to study for your test?

    what testing engines did you use?
  13. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    Microsofts visual basic. net step by step
    I would not recommend this if you are planning to take the exam. If you are a beginner this is the book to go with.

    I would recommend ADO.net book, There are lot of questions on this topic. MS press has step by step and Advanced ADO.net. You will see questions from ADO.net in all the .net exams.

    I liked Professional VB.net and Professional ASP. net books by WROX.

    Use msdn.microsoft.com, it is a great resoure.

    Let me know if I can help you further.

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