Has anyone taught for the company called "K12" (online k-12 virtual schooling)

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    If so, what was it like? Thanks!
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    Here is an example of a current K12 job posting:


    The ideal Teacher for this Virtual School will have experience in a Charter School or a School of Choice environment, as well as the following experience, skills, abilities and attributes:

    * Meet state's Highly Qualified Teacher requirements
    * Bachelor's degree
    * 3+ years of teaching experience preferred
    * Appropriate state certification
    * Ability to support and guide adults, as well as students
    * Strong communication, organization and time-management skills
    * Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook and the Internet
    * Flexible schedule with the ability to travel throughout the state on a limited basis
    * Experience in a charter school or school of choice environment preferred
    * Ability to learn new technology tools quickly (e.g., database and web-based tools) desires

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    Here is another job description from the Arkansas Virtual Academy. My assumption is that since virtual academies are extensions of public school districts, teacher certification from your state of residency is required. Not all states operate k12 Virtual Academies, so your first step would be to research available public virtual academies in your state by looking at the following map. http://www.k12.com/getk12/

    Now K12 does operate a private online academy. I am not sure if they hire separately for those positions or use state certified teachers
    hired to teach for these public virtual academies.


    Arkansas Virtual Academy is currently screening Arkansas certified and highly qualified teachers for the 2009-10 school year. In order to be considered for a position, please mail, e-mail , or fax the following:

    * Cover letter
    * Resume (please include email address)
    * Three professional references
    * Copy of your current Arkansas Teaching Certificate
    * Documentation of Bachelor’s Degree

    Please do not submit incomplete documents. Only submissions that include all of the documents listed above will be considered. Please mail all documents listed to:

    Arkansas Virtual Academy
    Attention: Susan Underwood
    10802 Executive Center, Suite 205
    Little Rock, AR 7221



    Here is another company that partners with various states to offer virtual schools. This company does have career opportunities much like K12.com. Check them out.


    I'm not as familiar with the workings of K-12 distance education as I am with higher education so this was enlightening. If there is something I missed, I hope others can chime in. Take care.
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