Has anyone gotten a second, similar masters from Aspen?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by gbrogan, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. gbrogan

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    I am winding down my masters in IT program at Aspen and see that they now have an IT masters in which one can specialize in Cybercrime and Security. I am very interested in that program and am considering taking it at the conclusion of my current program.

    I checked the course requirements and see that nearly all of the core courses for this program are ones I have taken already. If I counted right, I would only need to take five courses and the Capstone to finish that program if all of my credits were transferred.

    Is that something that Aspen would offer? I can't see having to take the same courses over again but I know nothing about this. Thanks.

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    I have no experience, but certain schools not allow double dipping. Which means courses were awarded a Master degree, cannot be transferred into another one.
  3. ITJD

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    Consult them BEFORE you finish your program.

    Reason: Most programs will not allow double-dipping for a variety of reasons but the ones that I know of that do allow it require you to advise them of your intentions before your records are sealed at graduation.

    In other words, you need to be enrolled in the second program before you finalize your first program. Otherwise your records are sealed and courses are unable to be applied to other programs.

  4. gbrogan

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    Thank you for the replies. I have zero interest in anything that's not kosher and am glad I asked here. I had no idea if this was a possibility or not.

    I will inquire with the school and see if there are any options.
  5. Ian Anderson

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    ERAU allowed me to transfer 9 units from my MSQA degree to my MAS degree so it probably depends on the school to a large amount.

    I do not see the point in having two masters with the same (or similar) title - especially from the same school - you can always study the Cybercrime material yourself. Why not go for a different degree such as MBA, MPA, CJ, or other career supporting subject.
  6. gbrogan

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    CJ is definitely a consideration. I'm just exploring my options at this point. Thanks to all for the feedback.
  7. jaer57

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    Couldn't you just take the classes and get the second specialization? In other words, could you get one master's degree with two specializations? Even if they don't offer the second degree, seems like it might be worth it just to take the classes if it is relevant to your profession or interests. You wouldn't be wrong in putting in your resume under your Aspen education that you took classes in cybercrime and security even if it doesn't result in an additional degree.
  8. geoffs

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    the MSCJ has 7 electives, Imagine if you could use these in the program:

    ELECTRONIC Security Courses
    ESRM 600 - Principles of Information Security
    ESRM 610 - Security Policy & Procedures
    ESRM 620 - Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime

    Aspen should take note!
  9. Dave Wagner

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    This is a great question. Call or email Aspen today, and I'm sure you will have the answer before Monday.

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