Has anyone ever done a Capella MBA?

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    How was the workload for the MSML how many classes did you take a semester ? Did you take advantage of the WGU set fee per semester ?
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    For anyone interested, I found this about the Capella FlexPath MBA. Not sure how it compares with other MBA programs / WGU/HAU or others and I'm assuming the "assessments" are tests of some kind:

    Capella FlexPath MBA 2019-2020

    1 MBA-FPX5002 MBA Leadership

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5002 - Assessments1-1: Critical Thinking in Action
    MBA-FPX5002 - Assessments 2-1: Defining Yourself as a Leader
    MBA-FPX5002 - Assessments 3-1: Using Stories to Build Relationships
    MBA-FPX5002 - Assessments 4-1: Leading Innovation and Change Through Whole Person Leadership

    2. MBA-FPX5006 Business Strategy

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5006 - Assessments1-1: The Strategic Process
    MBA-FPX5006 - Assessments 2-1: Strategic Analysis
    MBA-FPX5006 - Assessments 3-1: Analysis of HP Inc’s Business Strategy
    MBA-FPX5006 - Assessments 4-1: Strategy Implementation (pptx)

    3. MBA FPX5008 Applied Business Analytics

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5008 - Assessments1-2: Interpreting Graphical Representations of Data in Articles or Reports (pptx)
    MBA-FPX5008 - Assessments 2-1: Using Analytic Techniques to Add Meaning to Data
    MBA-FPX5008 - Assessments 3-1: Applying Analytic Techniques to Business
    MBA-FPX5008 - Assessments 4-1: Presenting Data Analysis Results Effectively (pptx)

    4. MBA-FPX5010 Accounting Methods for Leaders

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5010 - Assessments1-1: Training Manual-Accounting Tools and Practices (ppt)
    MBA-FPX5010 - Assessments 2-1: Product Pricing Recommendation - Acme Pickle Company
    MBA-FPX5010 - Assessments 3-1: Performance Evaluation - Ace Company
    MBA-FPX5010 - Assessments 4-1: Expansion Recommendation: XYZ Company(pptx)

    5. MBA-FPX5014 Applied Managerial Finance

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5014 - Assessments1-1: Financial Condition Analysis: Costco
    MBA-FPX5014 - Assessments 2-2: Evaluation of Capital Projects
    MBA-FPX5014 - Assessments 3-2: Financial Engineering to Enhance Shareholder Value

    6. LEAD-FPX5210 Leading Global & Diverse Cultures

    Assignments / Assessments:

    LEAD-FPX5210 - Assessments1-1: Cross-Cultural Leadership Capabilities
    LEAD-FPX5210 - Assessments 2-1: Personal Development Plan
    LEAD-FPX5210 - Assessments 3-1: Global Leadership Presentation
    LEAD-FPX5210 - Assessments 4-1: Global Leadership Development Plan

    7. MBA-FPX5012 Marketing Management

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5012 - Assessments1-2: (Marketing Plan). Participate in an interactive simulated environment to make real-world marketing decisions, and then develop a formal marketing plan
    MBA-FPX5012 - Assessments 2-1: (Marketing Analysis) Develop a 3-4-page marketing analysis report for an additional business location using publicly available data.
    You may choose either a small, locally owned business or a publicly-traded business for your analysis.

    8. MBA-FPX5016 Operations Mgmt. for Leaders

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5016 - Assessments1-1: Develop a 7-page process improvement plan for a provided scenario or business and process of your choice, using data to support your recommendations.
    MBA-FPX5016 - Assessments 2-1: Prepare a 7-page demand management plan, including forecasting, inventory management, and scheduling analysis, as well as recommendations for a provided scenario or business of your choice.
    MBA-FPX5016 - Assessments 3-1 (pptx): Prepare 10-12 PowerPoint slides to present a supply chain management plan, including your analysis and recommendations for a supply chain design and logistics, for a provided scenario or business of your choice.

    9. MBA FPX5620 Supply Chain Foundations and Management

    Assignments / Assessments:

    OPS-FPX5620 - Assessments1-1: Write a 4-6-page report that includes a description of the current state of operations and supply chain infrastructure of the scenario company provided or a company of your choice.
    Propose three research-based recommendations for improving the operations of the global company.
    OPS-FPX5620 - Assessments2- Design a 15-25 slide presentation plus a transcript document with a paragraph of notes per slide to address the cultural, legal, and ethical concerns for the global expansion of a selected company
    or the scenario company provided.
    OPS-FPX5620 - Assessments3-1: c. Write a 4-6-page report that describes the steps needed to implement recommendations for improvements in the global company and prioritizes the recommendations to account for time.
    OPS-FPX5620 - Assessments4-1: d. Write a 4-6-page report in which you recommend a collaboration tool and describe the advantages of increased collaboration to the organization and how it would impact forecasting and decision making.

    10. OPS-FPX5630 Strategic Supply Chain Sourcing

    Assignments / Assessments:

    OPS-FPX5630 - Assessments1-1: Develop a 7-8-page analytical report detailing best practices in selecting a supply chain partner and how this decision impacts and benefits a global manufacturing company.
    OPS-FPX5630 - Assessments 2-1: b. Develop a 5-6-page research report detailing best practices, organizational impacts, and benefits in building effective chain partner relationships.
    OPS-FPX5630 - Assessments 3-1 (pptx) Create a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation for management detailing strategies for maintaining supply chain relationships and achieving efficient inventory management throughout
    the product life cycle (PLC) for a global manufacturing company.
    OPS-FPX5630 - Assessments 4-1: Develop a 7-8-page contingency plan and 1-page shareholder letter detailing the change from a primary vendor to an alternate vendor while maintaining the ethical principles and profits of a global manufacturing company.

    11. MBA-FPX5910 MBA Capstone Experience

    Assignments / Assessments:

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments1-2: Create a 2-3-page project summary that describes your chosen organization, a business problem or opportunity, the kind of data you will need, and how your topic allows you to demonstrate the MBA program outcomes.

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments2-2: Create a 2-3 page proposal that analyzes your business topic, defines the scope and strategy for how you will go about your capstone project, incorporates your Better Up assessment and coaching, and explains how your proposed project allows you to demonstrate the MBA program outcomes.

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments3-3: Create a 2-5-page annotated outline that includes the sections to be analyzed, ethical decision-making aspects of the topic, main points of the recommendation, and credible evidence you plan to use for supporting the analysis and recommendations.

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments4-2: Create a 15-20-page capstone paper that analyzes a business topic and provides recommendations and is supported with credible resources that demonstrate evidence-based thinking.

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments5-1: Create a 2-4-page paper that describes personal and professional growth experienced throughout the MBA program and Better Up coaching and includes an action plan around three personal or professional goals.

    MBA-FPX5910 - Assessments6-2 (pptx): Create a 10-20 slide presentation with recorded audio that demonstrates how you would present and deliver your capstone project to your intended audience.
    Your presentation should be persuasive, use visual and graphic elements, and demonstrate professional speaking and presentation techniques.
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    The workload isn't hard in my opinion, I found that my work experience helped a lot. you can take as many classes as you want a semester. I finished the entire MSML program in 3months you have to pay for the entire 6months regardless if you do one or eleven. So for me I definitely took advantage. I'm happy to share more if you'd like.
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  4. Actuall, as I stated, I did enroll in Capella Masters of IT for one semester. I found the performance bar very low. Just my impression.

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