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    I already have a bachelor’s degree and in the past I have thought about going for second bachelors (ALB) at Harvard Extension. So I would transfer 64 credits and therefore I would only have to complete the last 64 credits of the ALB. However I find it a little hard to get straight answers from the HE website. I would like to find out exactly how much would the 64 credits of the ALB cost me including tuition, books and residence fees? I would also like to find out exactly how much of the credits I can complete online and how much will I have to complete in the class room?
  2. alarmingidea

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    People who hold a bachelor's degree are ineligible for the ALB.

    If you're interested in an Extension degree, you might consider the ALM. Check out my recent post about my take on the program.
  3. Jack Tracey

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    Regarding costs, you should be able to develop a fairly accurate sense of the cost of tuition. Book costs will vary considerablt depending on your course of study. As for "residence fees," I've never known a HES student to live on campus. Perhaps it's possible. Most rent/share an apartment somewhere in the Cambridge area. It would be rather difficult to estimate that expense as it is probably related more to what you can afford. I think you know what I mean. Don't plan on doing your residence period in the Summer because there are no HES courses offered during that term. You could take Summer courses but they're more expensive.
  4. alarmingidea

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    On-campus housing isn't offered to Extension Scool students except during the summer, when technically they're Summer School students.

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