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    I came across some very affordable "professional certificate" programs offered by Harvard or HarvardX - depending on where you find the info. The offerings with the Harvard brand seem a bit confusing - Harvard, Harvard Online (actual Harvard...but online, Harvard X (seems to be a partnership with edX to deliver professional development online courses with the Harvard brand) Harvard Business School, and Harvard Business School online (actual Harvard Business School...but online

    The program I was looking at in particular is here: https://www.edx.org/professional-certificate/harvardx-leadership-and-communication

    It's a "professional development certificate" so it isn't what one would think of as a true "certificate program" - and as such, the price is very affordable: $376.20. Two courses, three months.

    From what I can find online, the cert looks something like this:


    Which is branded with the HarvardX brand...but also the Harvard brand.

    My question is - Has anyone done one of these? How useful is something like this, I mean - the price is so low that I'm sure there is value in the content of the course - but would something like this gain any extra value for carrying the "Harvard" brand over completing any other edX professional course from, say, a known state university? Do offerings like this dilute the "Harvard" brand?
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    I don't think they dilute the brand but neither do they give you the Harvard brand either. If anything they give a bit of whiplash as someone has otherwise average looking schools on their resume and then suddenly Harvard, it makes it stand out in a way that might cause questions or confusion.

    I think if you're actually interested in the topic then go for it but I wouldn't take one of these just for the Harvard name.
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