Harvard claim of Jesus' Wife papyrus scrutinized

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    A few comments from NT Greek scholar Dan Wallace on the fragment ...
    Reality Check: The Jesus Wife Coptic Fragment

    Most interesting to me (with my clarifying remarks in the square brackets):

    "Dr. Christian Askeland, in attendance at the International Association of Coptic Studies conference in Rome [where the fragment was presented], noted that about two thirds of those in attendance were very skeptical of its authenticity, while one third were “essentially convinced that the fragment is a fake.” Askeland said he did not meet anyone at the conference who thought it was authentic"

    "Even Professor King [who presented the fragment] did not suggest that this fragment means that Jesus had a wife (and she is not known for her conservative views!): “its possible date of composition in the second half of the second century argues against its value as evidence for the life of the historical Jesus.”

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