Harvard Business School's MBA

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    Is there another HBS?

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    Yes, Howard Business School (HBS) of Howard University. :D
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    I only see Harvard when I Google HBS. The HBS in this context was in reference to Harvard Business School.

    Btw, its Howard University School of Business.

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    I was joking with you! I usually like to spell it out, or at least the beginning of writing. I work in the IT (information technology) industry and now for the bank, I hate people using acronyms; especially business people keep bombarding their writing with business acronyms. When it comes to writing reports, they expect all the technical terms and acronyms to be in plain English for them to understand.
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    This is correct. They will be utilizing a hybrid model and reducing class sizes while also adding sections. It’ll be interesting to see how effective their strategy is at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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