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    I was reading through a recent thread about HMU, a doctoral degree granting institution, and it occurred to me that research supervision wasn’t fully addressed. BillDayson was discussing the importance of an institution’s reputation in the academic field (not just HMU, but anywhere), but specifically mentioned that HMU seemed to have no academic profile. I wondered about the faculty background and looked at their website. Setting aside their ‘faculty’ that includes Homer and Plato (cute), three-quarters of their ‘tutors’ that guide students through the Great Books and their subsequent research do not have research doctorates of their own (J.D.’s and Executive J.D.’s typically do not have theses). They even have one tutor with only an undergraduate degree.

    Let's set aside all the discussion about accreditation and employment. How credible do you think this kind of supervision arrangement is?
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    It can be a major flaw. In order to credibly deliver a doctoral program, a school has to have a faculty prepared to judge the "doctorateness" of one's research, especially as it relates to one's academic discipline. That means people with research (scholarly) doctorates in the appropriate disciplines. You can thus judge for yourself if HMU or any other school meets this criterion.
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    Remember that Harrison Middleton offers associate's and bachelor's programs as well master's and doctorate, and that some of the faculty listed may largely or wholly teach at the former levels.
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    Note also that HMU's doctoral programs are kind of small.
    According to HMU's own numbers, a grand total of three students have completed doctoral programs over the course of HMU's history (through 12/31/13).

    OK, so maybe HMU has only a few faculty with research doctorates that are qualified to supervise doctoral students (I counted 3 PhDs and 2 EdDs).
    But if their doctoral enrollments are low, then maybe they don't very need many.
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    Is there anyone in this thread, who has attended HMU? I am interested in what they have to offer.. If you have please send me a PM...

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