Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

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    The PTA has declared that May 2-6, 2011, is Teacher Appreciation Week. All the best to my fellow teachers, retired teachers, and soon-to-be teachers.

    In honor of this week, why not share a post about your favorite teacher? I'll start.

    When I was in the 7th grade, I had the privilege of being put into Algebra I. I was advanced in math, and along with 5 others, we were put into a special advanced class. Our teacher was Mr. High. We would end up having him again the next year for Geometry. I loved Geometry because of him. He actually made up do research projects, which was a step away from all of the "problems in the book" homework assignments. But what made me appreciate him is that he really had a passion for teaching math. He made it fun. He conditioned things right so that we actually fiercely competed with one another to race to the chalkboard to solve proofs and such. I never thought I'd have fun in math, but I did.

    Mr. High ended up being moved to the high school a year later. We had him again for Algebra III/Trig. Unfortunately, he ended up having some heart issues and had to take medical leave the second semester. Still, he made the class enjoyable, and I appreciated it so much.


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