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    Hello folks,

    Boy, am I glad I found this site. It looks like it will be VERY useful. And I must say that several of the posts gave me much needed belly laughs this morning.So thanks for that!

    I have a BA from the University of California in English and Religious Studies,and a TESOL Certificate from UC as well. I've acquired about 10 grad units over the years but never gone the distance in an MA program. I hope this forum will help me find an MA in English or perhaps Liberal Studies that I can live with.

    Again, many thanks for the site. It is wonderful.

  2. -kevin-

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Cheapest DL MA English I know of:


    There are others so do a search. Best of luck.....
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    Seeking Adjunct position in HR

    Hi ,

    I'm Pat and I would like to teach in the HR field. I have an M.A. in HR Development and an M.A. in HR Management. Can anyone tell me where to look and apply?

    By the way... glad to be here!

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