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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Doug, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Doug

    Doug New Member

    My name is Doug and I have been a “lurker” (although I prefer “reader” or “observer”) at this forum, on and off, for a few years. Thanks to John and Chris for responding to my whining about the registration process.

    Based on my recent read, I now understand my long affliction with Analysis Paralysis ~ Degree Hunt Addition (APDHA). While I don’t think this forum is a cause of this, it is hopefully helpful toward cure. It has been said, that identification of a problem is a significant step toward resolution.

    A terminal degree has long been on my do list. In my 20’s I set a goal to complete a law degree by mid-forties. I have missed that deadline. Many years I looked for law schools with minimum residency requirements. I have never been blessed with living close to a part time JD and full time anywhere has not been an option. I have looked at the Concord program (several times), but it would not be recognized in my state even with passage of the California Bar.

    My long search for a JD has more recently morphed into a search for a PhD. My study interests include public policy, law and human resource behavior and management. I am looking for a individual (prefer no cohort) PhD program with minimal residencies at a regionally accredited public (preferred) or nonprofit private institution. My preference is a school that is an established brick and mortar that also offers distance programs.

    I would like to work at my own pace (one course at a time to start with) so a few programs fall off the list since the cohort model is required. I would avoid the GRE/GMAT as a hard requirement – I think schools want it for statistical data and I agree with those that denounce it as a true indicator of student quality.

    I have had trouble finding public institutions that offer distance or even blended PhDs. The schools that I have currently on my short list include:

    Nova Southeastern (PhD – Conflict Resolution)
    Regent University (PhD – Org Leadership)
    Indiana Institute of Technology (PhD – Global Leadership)
    Bellevue University (PhD – Human Capital)
    Northcentral University (PhD – Public Admin)

    As you may expect, in keeping the symptoms of APDHA, none of these have yet jumped out as being the one. There is a perfect program for me, I just have not found it. I am confident I will never give up this endeavor, but I would like to end the hunt. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Have you looked at Valdosta's DPA?
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Indiana Institute of Technology
    Nova Southeastern
    Valdosta's DPA

    Would be my short list with Nova on top (since I live in Florida)
  4. Doug

    Doug New Member

    The VSU DPA would be at the top of my list if it were a PhD. I have read the many opinions that professional doctorates (DBA/DM/DPA) are equivalent, but I have not come around yet.

    Also … my apology to Chip … I inadvertently called you “Chris” in my original post. Thanks for the reply to my inquiries about member registration. I am concerned, however, about the ten hour delay to post … I realize I’m a “probationary user”.

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