Greenwich University reborn!!!

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  1. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    A new Greenwich has been created, this time operating from San Francisco, Hong Kong and Panama.

    General Office:
    795 Folsom Street 1st Floor San Francisco, California 94107 United States
    E-mail [email protected]

    Panama Office:
    Ricardo Arias Street, Advanced Tower, 11th Floor, Suite B, Panama City, Panama
    Telephone (507) 6486-3717
    Facsimile (507) 264-6361
    E-mail [email protected]

    Asia Pacific Headquarter:
    Location 1/F., Mongkok Harbour Centre,
    638 Shanghai St., Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Telephone (852) 3188-3733
    Facsimile (852) 3188-9249
    E-mail [email protected]

    Domain is registered to Edmund Chuk as follows:

    Domain ID: D7429249-US
    Sponsoring Registrar: REGISTER.COM
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registrant ID: C45333888-NXUS
    Registrant Name: Edmund Chuk
    Registrant Organization: WCIMT Limited
    Registrant Address1: 1/F., Mongkok Harbour Centre,
    Registrant City: Mongkok, Kowloon
    Registrant Postal Code: 99999
    Registrant Country: Hong Kong
    Registrant Country Code: HK
    Registrant Phone Number: +852.31883733
    Registrant Facsimile Number: +852.31889249
    Registrant Email: [email protected]

    Listed side by side with WCIMT here. Pages such as the fee schedule provide for a California address. More discussion can be found here.


  2. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    The BPPVE search page has never heard of it, so to whatever extent it's operating in California, it's probably doing so illegally.

    Here's 795 Folsom:

    The first floor is occupied by Regus Centre. is a worldwide office services firm. Among other things, they sell virtual office services.

    My guess is that this Greenwich guy is located in Hong Kong and that he intends to sell "American education" to people in China. Most likely Panama is a business license while San Francisco seems to be the convenience address necessary to create an American connection.
  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Bill appear to have this guy's number. A hit direct, Mr Dayson, a hit direct!


    Carthage must be destroyed.
  4. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Asia would certainly be the base of this new venture.

    There are so many Greenwich 'graduates' in this region, someone obviously feels there is further money to be made by riding on the back of the name.

    I say 'graduates' because some have real GU diplomas and others have dudes- produced off the printing press of the Asian agent!
  5. Tim D

    Tim D Member

  6. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I'll be in that neighborhood in SF later today, and will drop by the umcampus.

    The application form asks for the "subjuct" one wishes to study.
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  7. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    My visit to Greenwich University

    When one enters the Folsom St. building, the lobby opens directly onto Regus Business Lounges, which "provides emerging businesses and mobile professionals with a prestigious local business address. Regus professionals will answer your phone [and] manage your mail and messages..."

    I told the receptionist that I was looking for the campus of Greenwich University. She said, "They aren't in right now." I said I'd be glad to sit and wait. She said she didn't know when they'd be in. I asked if they had a real office there or one of the 'virtual offices.' She said I'd have to ask them. I suggested I could call before coming in, to see if they were there, and could I have their phone number. She said she would check. She went off, came back, and gave me this number:
    011-852-2393-2823, and this email
    [email protected]
    (Both, of course, in Hong Kong).
  8. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    Great job, Dr. John 'Sherlock Holmes' Bear!

    My, my, my ..........
  9. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Just as well Dr Bear wasn't a prospective student seeking some counselling before enrolling; he could have had a long wait!

    A great exposure of a great farce!
  10. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    I think the leveraging off the Greenwich brand is quite fascinating. I wonder if Dr Walsh has any comment to make on this?


  11. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    What sort of 'brand image' do you think GU has in the market, George? Certainly not the sort you read of in the marketing texts!

    I think the 'new' GU will have 'fascination' value, but in the Asian region, of the wrong sort. Too many have had their fingers (and pockets) burned.
  12. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    I guess I am suggesting it has confusing brand, as there are/ were a range of providers called 'Greenwich'. Why do you think Greenwich was chosen as a name for this new Hong Kong venture? To replace the Greenwich University of Norfolk Island or leverage off the brand University of Greenwich in London? All rather UK English for this part of the world, no? When a graduate sits down in front of a prospective employer and tells them they got their MBA from Greenwich University, what do you reckon they ask next?


  13. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Good question, George. However, I think it is true to say that the old GU enjoys a higher profile in Asia than the University of Greenwich, UK.

    Maybe our Asian members might like to comment?
  14. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    It would be wonderful to capture empirical evidence on this type of issue. It would certainly make the traditionals stand up and take notice.


  15. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    When I say enjoys a higher profile, that is not to say the profile is that wonderful!

    But the reality appears to be that the University of Greenwich do not have a very active or high profile affiliation program in the Asian region, whereas the old GU is flooded with graduates, especially from Malaysia and China. Plus the old GU had its fair share of bad press.
  16. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    George Brown:
    I think the leveraging off the Greenwich brand is quite fascinating. I wonder if Dr Walsh has any comment to make on this?

    I've asked him for comment. He is concerned. (And remember, he is quite an aggressive trial lawyer in Australia and Norfolk.)

    Incidentally, all of Norfolk Island (which seems to have a single server for all of the several hundred computers on the island) is still blocked by DegreeInfo, despite my 3 years of requesting at least an explanation, if not a change.

    Incidentally and less relevantly, I recently learned that Walsh is only the second-best-known of the 1,500 or so people who are citizens of Norfolk. Colleen McCullough, best-selling author (The Thorn Birds, etc.) has lived there for decades.
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  17. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Oh yes. McCullough, queen of the giant mommsenoids.
  18. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

  19. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    ...and considering that (to my knowledge) Greenwich University NI, Hawaii, California or wherever is no longer trading, what leg would he have to stand on???


  20. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    That is one of the sad things about unaccredited degrees that is seldom mentioned. If the school goes out of business then the alumni of an unaccredited school are usually out of luck. When an accredited school goes out of business then degree verification is still available since the defunct school will send their records to another accredited school so that degree verification can still be done.

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