Great Books Program - Carleton U., Ottawa

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    I've always had a liking for Great Books programs and they're not a prolific breed these days. Some might say (with ample justification, I guess) that graduation might involve getting the key to your parents' basement forever - but I think they do have a lot of value in people-building - less in employee-molding, perhaps. Here's a Canadian one I browsed through today. And it has a combined honours option - to broaden the field. One option involves biology, for students intending to enter medical school after graduation.

    So, maybe you won't end up living at home after all...
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    Thank you so much for the info! It is a very interesting program.
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    Speaking of Ottawa, happy Canada Day, when Father Canuck brings maple sugar and Moosehead to all the good little Canadian boys and girls....
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    Thanks, Steve. It's a very quiet Canada Day - thanks to COVID 19. No gatherings, so no fireworks displays etc. I hear there's going to be a light show instead, in Toronto. I think it may be from the CN Tower. I'm holed up here with JAZZ-FM (CJRT-91.1) for company. Later I'll really celebrate - have some Canadian apple juice, put on my mask and walk in the park. It's still open, but no gatherings more than five. I even got to have a Father's day picnic with my sons and a couple of my grandkids.

    We'll get through this - and thanks again
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