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  1. nomaduser

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    I realized ETS is now offering GRE tests with ProctorU.
    So if you have a webcam and laptop, you can take GRE test at any location.
    This is a great move by ETS because all Pearson testing centers are closed due to COVID-19.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    PearsonVUE, Thomson Prometic, and other company testing center is the same thing. I am studying for Project Management Profesional (PMP) certification exam, I was informed by the Project Management Institute avoid virtual testing scams, also as the same time I need to keep my ethic by not hiring people taking the test for me. :)
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    Good luck with the PMP exam.
    A must for PM in the USA. Very valuable certification.
    My previous employer PMO required PMP as a mandatory cert for the job. They were flexible and allowed their PM's to study and get certified.
    But also if you add it to your skills and not directly work as PM it is still a real plus.
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