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    Well, I took the plunge and paid for the Psych GRE test coming up in April. Now I'm getting cold feet - what with the difficulty and the fact that I am presently carrying a full course load at my local community college.

    My original intent is to finish at the community college & get my Associate's (Liberal Arts Honors), and then get my Bachelor's with Excelsiior ASAP in Psych (if I can do the GRE successfully, it will put me ahead, natch).

    But I'm getting scared. Has anyone here taken this test - or planning to take it? Need some encouragement - or wise suggestions, at any rate.

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    I say go ahead and take the Psych GRE in April. What do you have to lose (except for the test fee)? If you do well on it, you can transfer the credits over to Excelsior. If you tank the exam, you can still transfer your community college credits over to Excelsior, and start testing out of the rest of your degree requirements.

    Let us know how you do!

    - Tom
  3. June

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    I just registered for the April test, too.

    I took psy 101 a couple of years ago. I also took cultural anthropology and quantitative research methods, so that should help. I still have the Standard Deviants tapes I got back then. I ordered the Kaplan study guide from Amazon (the reviews there said it had greater depth than the Princeton Review guide), and I'll do the relevant Instantcert drills for review.

    When I did the official sample test cold, I got 45th %ile.

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