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    I am thinking about getting my BA in liberal studies from Excelsior with a concentration in Psychology or Literature. In order to get the concentration i am thinking about taking a GRE exam in either one. I eventually plan to obtain a masters and phd in family psychology to be a licensed therapist. But, my dilema is that i already have credits in psychology

    Intro to psychology
    Abnormal psychology
    Social psychology

    so i am not sure if the credits would overlap if i achieve the high enough score for 30 credits. In that case i was going to simply take the literature GRE but it seems silly to me not to take the Gre now when i might have to take it for admission to Grad school anyway. So i am not sure if it worth the loss of 12 credits when i could just get the 30 from literature. I dont even know for sure that those credits are going to overlap.

    I am also looking for information on the Nortcentral University psychology phd. If i get a masters in family psychology from a apa school and go to northcentral, can i still be a licensed psychologist? I live in NY and hope to practice in NY..

    Thank you
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    I also forgot to mention that any information on admission to northcentral would be greatly appreciated.

    I am wondering if i graduate from Excelsior, if i would even be accepted there. Or any other online graduate school for psychology.

    thank you
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    The easy part: the psych GRE will duplicate those three courses you've already taken, as long as you score high enough on the GRE. I do not yet know the percentile break-points/course awards for each gradation of the pysch GRE, but I hope to know before Christmas and will share once I do.

    I'll anticipate what others will probably ask and say that the more info you provide about what you've already finished the better people can help. Are these your only completed credits so far? Do you have an associate's in the field you want? Most of a bachelor's in a field you don't want?
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    The classes I have taken include:
    English 101 3 credits

    Humanities 12 credits
    Art History
    Intro to Philosophy
    English 102
    The Holocaust

    Math/Science 14 credits
    Statistics 1
    Statistics 2

    Social Science 9 credits
    Intro to Sociology
    Women, Men and Social change
    Straightliner Economics 101 $50

    Major 30 credits
    GRE Psychology $150

    Depth 2 12 credits
    CLEP Spanish $ 100
    LSU Spanish Lit $ 250

    Applied profesional/additional arts 37
    Tech writing
    Community Health
    Intro to Criminal Justice
    Criminal Law
    Constitutional Law
    Intro to Women in Drama
    ALEKS Statistics for social science $20
    ALEKS Precalc $20
    Straightliner Accounting 1 $50
    Straigtliner Accounting 2 $50
    Straighliner Economics 102 $ 50
    CLEP Analysing and Interpreting Literature $100

    The classes with the money are the ones I am thinking of taking. The classes I have taken have been at a community college and a 4 year college but since I have so many random credits, I figured I would go to excelsior, where I can get all or the majority of them awarded to me.

    So I am looking into getting the Psychology Major, and a spanish minor and apply to masters or phd programs in marriage and family therapy and/or go to Law school.

    My current GPA is 2.7 so I dont know how my GPA will be affected with the grades on the Test and the straighterline class. I am hoping that a degree from excelsior will allow me entrance to one of the programs.

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