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    I have a question, with regards to the Big 3:

    Assuming you took the Psych GRE and scored above the 92nd percentile, would there be credit duplication with any DANTES/CLEP tests?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    At Excelsior, a score at the 92%ile would garner 30 credits (12 LL, 18 UL). Since this test comprises the Psych major (with the exception of RM Psych), you need to assume that most if not all other psych CLEP/DSST tests would be duplicative credit.
    With that said, if might be worthwhile to take the psych tests that offer letter grades to increase your number of graded credits. Or, it might not be worthwhile. It really depends on the individuals situation and goals.


    P.S. At COSC it would probably depend upon what order you took the tests. In any case, with either school, because they don't spell out exactly how they determine duplication in issues like this, it is best to ask your advisor.

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    Please don't get the idea that I'm knocking COSC, I'M NOT! I LOVE THEM!!!

    In the last few months I've earned my degree from COSC. I had one science, Intro to Physics classroom earned. If I had taken the optional 1 hour lab when I took that course, I would have satisfied all the science requirements. Since I didn't, I had to earn another 3 hours in a science. So I took the CLEP Natural Sciences. Now COSC tells you on their website that the CLEP is worth SIX (6) hours.

    BUT, since I already had 3 hrs. in a science covered by the test, they would only allow 3 hours credit for the test.

    What's the big deal? Well, I also needed 3 hrs. in a free elective, 3 hrs in ANYTHING! Two birds with one stone????????

    NO NO NO!

    That specific scenario, would produce DUPLICATION OF CREDIT towards the overall degree requirements. So I used an online course in bizlaw that I was already taking from LSU to make up the other 3 hrs.

    I just got my final transcript and COSC gave me ALL SIX HOURS credit for the CLEP?


    Not at all! I got the six hours for test, its just that three of those did not apply in satisfying the degree requirements.

    The moral of the story is, carefully explore EVERY avenue with your academic advisor, hey are there to HELP you, I could never say enough good about mine! And ask the right questions. It's not just how many hours you get credit for it is also how they meet or don't meet degree requirements!

    God bless you and best of luck! Please keep us all informed of your progress and experiences!


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